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Name Vishakha & Balarama
AKA visakibear, shaka,shakalaka babe,eoshaka,vishu etc,Bali,sanyasi,Bala,Brada B
Birth 04/27/1987 (31 yrs old)
Gender Female
LocationHonolulu HI
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my rascal:)
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Vishakha's mummyKrsnamrita Dasi
Vishkaha's DadGokulshyam Das
Sister Jahanavi
Balarama's MataSashikala Devi Dasi leading me back to Krsna by her will alone
Balarama's PitaVatsala Prabhu
BrothersLoks & Sri Nama
Our Lil Surfer Our son Abhay
Friendsmiss you!email me!I'd love to hear from you
Bhaiyya KrsnaDhenu!You should come for Rathayatra and play Mridanga for Lord Jaganatha!
Happy New Year!wish everyone much happiness and further advancement in Krsna Consciousness.Hope your new year started better than mne did..We have a only a few fellow gurukuli friends here and so we'd really like more to come and have a blissful rocking kirtan for Lord Jaganatha
Love you all,
Hare Krsna
~Vishakha & Balarama~

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By Balarama
Thoughts of forever...

Krsna please keep us all together keeping you in my heart
when I think of you and the seconds we are apart
to the one that is there standing by my side
paper boat is sailing across this karmic life
a small little breeze to keep Krsna in my sights
three fold bending form
Praphupada sending large sails to fight the karmic tide
pulling back the shadows maya tried to hide
redish lotus feet and beautiful smiling eyes
waiting for us to come home
He never said His good byes
now we miss Him sooooo:(......
these tears never can hide
thoughts of Him smiling somehow
in you I find that great suprise

When I think of you
the time we will spend
playing in the forest
or stealing butter again
all that i may do and all that i may say
just to keep my love safe never to go a stray
keep this feeling safe with you in my heart
next to your lotus feet I know this is just the start...

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