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Name Gandharvika \ Ganga (FR)
AKA Ganga, gangi, gangounette, Anne-laure, la P, aika.
Birth 01/02/1990 (28 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationLOISON Anne-Laure/Gandharvika
5, allée des Grand'Maisons
37170 Chambray-les-Tours
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didi & I driving back from BCS's summer retreat in Switserland
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MataKrisna-Kirtan (Prabhupad diciple)
PitaGauda-Mandala (Bhakti Svarup Damodar M. diciple)
step mataSita-Takurani (Paramgati M. diciple)
step pitaSuresvara prabu (Prabhupad diciple)
Friendsall the ones i can't live without
Best FriendsMallika (mon coeur), Kalindi (mon ame)
guyscan't understand how u'v all got that habit of making us burst into tears...
Mahabhagavat prabubest gurukul teacher
the boy
of my life :Baby Shyam Joshi, the sweetest one after Lord Damodar...
Bhakti Caru SwamiThe spiritual Master I accepted in my heart...
Radhe Shyam!

Thanks to all the person that maid this european kulimela that great!
was soo nice to meet again friends from all over
that i didn' see for long time!
cant wait to see u all again!

Started my studies again,
psychology & Ayurveda...

see u...
Radhey Radhey!
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The truth of repeating story... - 01/03/2009 (Mr.Simon G.)  
STORY REPEATS, A.C. Srila Prabhupad warned hi borhters... Now his disciples are doing the same only to eat the fruit of material pleasure and get the adoration for themselves instead to continue the work of the authorized (by the Lord) guide... They cheat every people to be served as if they were God and were even able to master all the knowledge of the a REAL SPIRITUAL MASTER. This is all simply disgusting and pitiful... Here are extracts of what A.C. Srila Prabhupad told to his own master Bhaktisidanta:

From Vyasa-puja offering by Srila Prabhupada to Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati, 1961:

If everyone sat down together and carefully considered, Then what nice preaching there could be. After all, that is Prabhupada's command—for all to join together To do this preaching work, merged in your instructions. If you simply imitate, there will be the opposite result, For as long as you try like that, there will be failure. Oh shame! Brother, aren't you at all embarrassed Behaving like businessmen to increase your followers? Our master has said to preach; Let the neophytes go in the temples to do nothing but ring bells. You have become renouncers, my brothers, so renounce everything. But if you renounce the instruction of the spiritual master, what kind of renunciation is that? One who renounces the bona-fide spiritual master, or one who tries to enjoy at the expense of his spiritual master, are both useless. First become the servant of your spiritual master, then you will be able to understand these conclusions. Because there is only one God, if his wealth increases, A saintly person renounces all such material desires for profit, adoration and prestige. Your gold, my brother, is the source of sense enjoyment. Prabhupada has made this meaningful statement. Give up your riches for preaching: Sit down together and make some special consideration. The Supreme Lord says Himself that, "Everything is Mine along". Prabhupada gave this final instruction. Take care: do this in all respects, completely. Otherwise all your efforts will simply go to waste. Oh saintly ones, beware: afterwards you will repent. A two-paisa thread tied around his neck and a man says he is a brahmana Just wearing saffron cloth, and a man calls himself a sannyasi The householders beg from the sannyasis, and the sannyasis Have tens of millions of rupees in the bank. Every day the influence of Kali-yuga increases, And the poor souls, being oppressed by the age of Kali, cry in agony. Everyone has become a witch by the influence of the age. Everyone is unhappy due to the absence of the (added by me the word:"TRUE!!!!!"... before "devotees") devotees' mercy.
Your opne boby pictuer is looks good - 11/19/2008 (gurudayal das)  
HI Gnadarvika how are you today ? i have seen your profile is looks good ? epaysali your body ? So i would like to make frenship relistion or with you if you dont mtne ? ok let me know i will be here waiting your positib repply ? thank take care bye..........................................

Gurudayal das
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