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Name Gaurangi devi dasi
AKA gangi, grunji (beware, there are times when calling me this causes death), pia
Birth 08/14/1970 (48 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contacts
Locationnew goloka
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mama and kalindi
 Type  Who
gurudevathe sweet and gentle sivarama swami
husbandjagannath auman
kidsbalarama, subhadra hanuman, syama gauri and kalindi mae
dearly belovedsananga, rohini, rati manjari, gandharvika, shara, gauravani 'n' vrin
yamuna, vrindavan, govinda serene, bali, gomati, madi, nadiya, jahnavi, cheeky,
sanat kumar, jagi, shraddha, purana, shakuntala and jala keli vilasini jacques,
karnam, manini, sukumari, kish, rama lila, jvala, sri kesava,
gaurangi priya, mandakini, ranga devi, gopalnandini, maha mantra, radhanuga
kalindi, nitai
parentssaci mata and jayadeva
brother and his wifesiddhartha and chezzle
nephewsthomas sean richardson & alexander jay
protectorssri sri radha golokananda
lord of my heart...radhe syama, nvd
praying forthe recovery of Jayapataka swami back to full health
not many people come here anymore because of facebook i suppose.. but it still holds a fond place in my heart :o)

thank you to everyone who signed the safe vrindavan petition. there are still some who have not. please do.
prayers please for gurukuli dash - aka david hass - aka dasharath. a good man. very ill

**SIGN THE PETITION!! if i can do you ALL OF YOU CAN!
it's so important, just take the time to work it out. the captcha is case sensitive and there are a couple of other tricky parts, but take that time and do it. do it now.

i was surfing the net tonight and i saw something about a gurukuli drowning in mayapura. then, when i investigated further i saw it was a boy named krsna das.. somehow i knew it was the same krsna das i always see on here - ... the one called bleechka.
i don't think i ever met him, but his profile was one i always checked out... he was SO interesting.. original.. unusual..
i watched his funeral on the bank of our mother ganga... oh and his mother.. my lord, how i cried.. her only son.. her beloved... much too much.
the devotees loved him, that much is clear.. and what a wondrous blessing, how rare and precious, the love of the vaisnavas.. it's a gift. as well as being born a devotee, and having a place in the devotee's hearts.. he died in the ganga.. how awesome.

but how sad that he isn't here any more. how much colour has drained from these pages with his departure..........

dear krsna das.. i am so glad that you have gone back to be with lord caitanya and nityananda rama.. however, i am crying because you left us here without your bright smile.
i wish i'd known you, i wish i'd written to you, like i had planned to many times... i hope you can read this and tell lord caitanya that i am in great need of his love and attention...
i send you my love (tho, what do you need with that? it's so small - yet what else can i send you?), and a wish that we may be friends some day.

hari bol, shiny soul......

your friend,

gaurangi dd x
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Creation Date: 10/30/2003
Last Updated: 01/23/2011
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