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Name Yamuna
AKA yammu, yamunzik, muni, mamuna,yammuke,mummu,yammukas...more?
Birth 02/07/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Other Contactsmsn
LocationTallinn, Estonia(in Europe), visiting quite often Switzerland ;)
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me and vishaka /performance
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friendsso many of them

uhh now i have been in switzerland quite some time, and will stay here more some months...ohh this time has been really great..Madhavas sunday bhajans, concert, vishakas performance, bollywood discko (ou my god), and of course here we have SNOW, so i went sledging and really looking forward to get to mountains to snowboard..ohhh...
so i wish everybody nice christmas with family (sadly i cant be in estonia with my family) and happy happy new year!!!


haribol, thought to update after so long...
so i am moving to switzerland in one week, god knows for how long, but at least for 3 months,...what happens after that knows only Krishna...but maybe somebody else too?

..looking forward to meet everyone at kulimela, (if anyone goes also on 29th july,from brüssels airport..tell me also, would not like to go alone) after going to Berlin Rath-Yatra(9.08)..and get good association...


***************** my secondary school is finished, yehuu :P
but no idea what to do next, still wondering...

..ohh waiting for summer...

Nrsimbha-Caturdasi was great!

..i thought to update it...having holiday for a week, next weekend will be Gaurapurnima :P JAY! we are going to have 2 days festival jeii! i hope everyone will find time to do seva for Caitanya and Nityananda and get their mercy!
... in 44 days my exam session starts uhh...i beg blessings from everyone..that i will not fail.


Jay Nrsimha! back to studies again. holiday was great! first traveled with maharaj a bit then went to Berlin (for 2 days) and then to Southern-Germany to Nrsimha temple....this was great, so ecstatic kirtans, and lectures were also good! made some seva for nrsimha, and had fun with freinds..Greetings!!! so like this my new year came, and of course after that i went to Switzerland, and had some really good time with my best friends..and Madhava bhajans..simply the Best! now start to prepare for exams, really asking blessing to make them good...


...summer was sooo good and so busy and in somepoint very tuff, but now i am back Estonia and i have last schoolyear to go....for now i have good marks, let see how i am going to finish it.

So i was thinking to update for my friends who sometimes check

Janmastami and Radhastami was peaceful and beautiful, and now school and work sometimes going out to meet my friends who i miss all this summer and didnt have time to spend time with them.
..and having all kind my one best friend will get a baby and americans (as i heard) has tradition for this, to make some party before baby i put pic of this for a while :P

I wish happy weekend for everyone!

****** exams are over, 11th class is finished- one year more!!!....and one month of my 3 months holiday is over...what i have done? ohh many things...worked, traveled with my classmates, with dad in Estonia and just now arrived from Baltic Ratha-Yatra (Lithuania, Latvia,Estonia) this was SUPER, one week with Bhakti Caitanya Swami and Smita Krishna Swami and other i am again unpacking my bag to pack it again..why? today i going to Switzerland to meet my sweet friends and for summercamp.

7.july 2007

i have 1 week for my important exam with what also my school year ends and then 3 months holiday....:P sounds good....but till then...ohh so much to do..
...any plans for summer in europe? if there is going on something i would be really happy to get some information... :)
thank you

and Happy Ram Navami!!!! :) jay!



Now i am home again, soon school starts..and everything will be same as it was before...but one thing changed...i miss all of u soooooooooo sweet hugs for special ones..pretty, radha, vishaka and syama...and mostprobable i will come back soon...because here things are not so see u soon...

Radhe Syam!

i really want to thank you my swiss friends...who makes my holidays super hyper cool....i have been a week here and for now its mega cool...i cant imagine what will be feeling after these things what will take place..until end of august...ohh..

please, if something is going on........camps, festivals, then I would be happy to receive some information about that .......

feel free to writ me and also add me in msn... ;)

im kirtana rasa and yamuna asked me to write some 'text' about her. so- shes this always positive and smiling young lucky girl whos mom became a devotee when yamuna was 5. and shes been always hangin there with her mom and devotees and bugging everyone wanting to sit on everyones lap and making people play some silly games with her and tell stories about krishna. now she has grown up and shes oh very special in many ways. well what can i say ...shes one of my favorite people ..always positive and never angry to anyone. and superstrong somehow...dont know..hmm..u should definitely get to know her! :)

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I have seen your profile is looks good ? so swite so beutiful? SO i would like make to frenship relition with you if you dont mine ? OK Let me know i will be here waiting your positib repply ? Thank you so much
take care bye ...................

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