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Name Gaurangi-priya
AKA Pancha Tattva, Panchi, Priyangi
Birth 02/07/1979 (40 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contacts~
LocationHillsborough North Carolina
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Becoming Gaurangi-priya
 Type  Who
Spiritual teacherB.V. Tripurari Swami
HubbieMadan Gopal
PitaApurva dasa
BroAmala Purana
DaughterGandharvika (Dharvi)
SonVenu Gopal
Bro's girlfriendNadia
FriendsAll you dear friends who have touched me throughout my life and continue to.
May, 2006

Hari bolo!!
I'm writing to let my friends know that I have taken initiation from H.H. Tripurari Swami and am now Gaurangi-priya. It's amazing when Krsna comes to the jiva in the form of Sri Guru, and with that feeling I honored my shraddha and formally accepted a spiritual master. I've never in all my years of practicing Krsna consciousness felt such trust, encouragment, and practical guidance from someone as I do with him. It's been an up and down experience for me as he was kicked out of ISKCON twenty years ago. He seeked spiritual guidance from B.R. Sridhara Swami a venerable godbrother of Srila Prabhupada's whom the GBC was also seeking guidance from at the time on the direct order of Srila Prabhupada. Due to the sometimes sectarian nature of ISKCON and much mis-information, he's continued outside of the institution and is not allowed to speak at any temple. I pray that broad minded devotees who find the substance rather than the external stamp, join together and speak up for the truth and make it so that Tripurari Swami is respected again in ISKCON. I somehow hope to be an instrument in helping the movement becoming more accomodating and broad-minded. In the meantime I'm grateful that Srila Prabhupada and Krsna have personally brought me to my Gurudeva who can help me so much in my goal of attaining Sri Sri Radha-Govinda.

Much love to all my friends. Thank you to all of you who have honoured my faith, even though it's outside of the norm. You are truely good friends to have.
I'm getting so excited to see everyone at Kulimela!!

With love,
Gaurangi-priya/ Panchi

Feb. 12, 2006
Hari bol,

I just had a baby shower for Gaurangi yesterday. It was awesome, and we all had such a good time. We wanted to shower her with love, and I think we succeded.

I'm writing because I just saw that Hemagauri is on here, but dear you didn't put an e-mail address so I can't get in touch with you!!!!!! I was so excited to see your picture. I hope you read this and drop me a note. I'd love to get in touch again.

Well, I turned 27 last week. That's very close to 30!! We're all becoming so grown up, aren't we!

Much love to all my dearests out there,

Nov. 2005
Hey everyone,

Life is going well. Each day is perfect. I'm learning to appreciate each day, to live in the moment and realize all that I have. My kids are amazing. My husband loves me. I have a great family. And I have Sri Sri Radha-Govinda as my Lords. How can you go wrong! :-) I want to each day remember that this life is temporary and the only thing important is love. I want to use this life properly and achieve supreme love for RadheSyham.

Ok, there's my thought of the day. I stay busy with mothering, working, doula-ing, and dancing. I danced for Diwali, and last week for a program, and tommorow for International Day. It's my service. I feel so close to Krsna when I dance. I love it.

My brother Amal is in Alachua and we miss him like crazy. Yesterday in the car Venu asked, "Where's Amal?" And I said in Florida to be with Nadia. And he asked "Why?" (He's in the why stage!!!) "Because he misses her, I said." "Why?" Anyway, we miss you bro. And Nadia we can't wait till you come back for visit.

I also miss Campaka everyday. :-( You be safe and well in Vrindavana.

Well, hopefully I'll see all my old friends at the kulimela, and meet new ones.

Bye for now,

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