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Name Gopi Gita Stalker
AKA gopsi, babba, gopika, babbi
Birth 12/09/2003 (14 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Locationgita nagari
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Taste the holy name, brother...
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daddySanat Kumar
grandpasYadunandana and Sivarama Swami
cousinsNitai, Abhay and Pisima
faerie godmataGungi
unclesAjamila, Ian and Aaron
ista devaRadhe Shyama
thakurjiNitai Prana Gaura Priya
faerie godgrandmataSaci Mata
faraway friendRati Sivyer
Hari Bol everyone,
Lots of thing happened since I last wrote. The most exciting news is that I have recently had my grain ceremony. My mata`s Guru Maharaja, Sivarama Swami came special, just to see me, and did it for me. Boy, he has big fingers! But there, I can eat ANYTHING now, my aunty Purana fed me chocolate chips cookies (sush, it`s all right, the GBC said so, bebebe!) straight after, and although I almost choked and died on it, it was worth it!!!
I still have trouble pooping, to share an intimate piece of information, for where I come from we did not use to do it. Any suggestions?
A lots of little souls came to GIta Nagari to be my friends, Vrndavana Lila next door is 3 months, Haridasa is 3 months, too, my aunti Purana had Lalita just a week or so ago, and there are two more coming,yey! I hope they will like me, despite the fact that my mommy is teaching me strange languages and a really wierd accent - my, I hope I shall be able to pronounce w-s, even if she can`t!
So, gotta go, lots of things to touch and taste and look at, see you soon. Ah, and just one more thing: due to early age memory loss, I forgot the password for my e-mail address, so if you want to contact me, just write to my mata`s address (see above).
Lots of love and kisses,
Hare Krsna,
Gopi xoxox
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