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Name Krsnaa Fitch
AKA shnaaji
Birth 01/07/1983 (35 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contactsnone
53KB, curlykrsnaa.jpg, image/jpeg

curly hair is fun :)
 Type  Who
guruRadhanatha Maharaja
eldest broMrkanda
brotherRasikananda (prev. Radha Madhava)
sisterJvala Mukhi (prev. Jahnavi)
Love of my lifeRadha Kunda "Alachua"
nieceMadhura Krsna Vallabha devi dasi (Madhuri, aka Madhurankin punkin)
nieceVrindavani Syamala devi dasi (butterball, virni)
nephewAbhimanyu Suta Dhananjaya Das (Abhi)
nephewNityananda Rama (Nitai)
nephew? born on 9/9/09
Summer is coming to a close, had a great time! Looking forward to a good Autumn.

New Poem "Mediocre Matter"

What is beauty inside us
Seeks beauty outside of us
What our hearts cry for
What our breath dies for
What our minds cannot forget
The beauty, The beauty, The beauty

The eternal within
Seeks the eternal without
The evil and the divine
Are both welcome respites
From mediocre matter
The real taste of that other world
Makes me crazy and alive
Gives me joy inside
And longing that I cannot control
My Nature, My World
My Deliverance, My Home!
My Love, My Taste,
My Fire, My Complete
That beauty, That beauty, That beauty

Within and without me!
It is You! It is You! It is You!
It is You!

I feel You around me,
Caressing me, inside me,
In front of me, behind me,
In my ears and in my eyes
It is You! It is You!
That other-worldly spice
That spark, that life
That is addicting, like a drug
But much much more!
I implore You to keep my heart
And my mind in this stage of Love
I cannot give You up until I have You.
Please wait for me

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yah! - 03/04/2008 ()  
Congratulations! We are so happy for you guys. loadsa love
Haribol - 07/03/2007 (Nimai Sundarananda Das)  
How are you doing?
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