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Name Pushpa (NZ)
AKA Pushpasara, Pushie, Rosa
Birth 12/31/1990 (27 yrs old)
Gender Female
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New Zealand
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Fathersexy Mike
Best friendMatis
well hello.
Dont u recon its weird,how u like go 2 school or watever and everyones like,"my thats an unusual name",then u come 2 this website and theres like 10 other people with ur name!But at least its only 10 not like 10,000 like with the name Rebekah or something.
Thats what so kewl about being a hari and a gurukuli for that matter ur so different 2 everyone else.
I mean seriously of u walk down the street everyone looks the same,at least from where Im standing any way.
Theres the girls with their over-plucked eyebrows, all their hair slicked back apart from 2 really long slut wings and chewing gum.

Then theres the guys with their planet 8 clothes and long hair with a cap plonked on top.

O.k so maby thats being over-steriotypical,and Im sure there all nice people at heart,the point Im trying 2 make is,being a hari makes u conspicuous(but doesnt make u a good speller) and I think that thats awsome.We are people with different ideas who arnt afraid 2 b different!
Now t hat Ive made my world altering speach,matis ive got ur cellphone,so dont go mental!Jordan loves u and kim says hey fatty!I didnt read them they poped up at me when tha allarm went off at 6.45!!p.s Is Jordan a guy or a girl?
talk to me...ummm...or write me a message, whatever
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Creation Date: 04/16/2004
Last Updated: 05/22/2004
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