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Name Kalindi Rose Bradley (Ninny)
AKA Ninny, Nin, Kalindi Brown
Birth 08/08/1977 (41 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other (for chat only)
Location31492 Anner Road
Carriere, MS 39426
New Talavana!!!
40KB, C:\My Documents\me & my brothers.jpg, image/pjpeg

Me and My brothers PC and taken by Mo (love you Mo!)
 Type  Who
2004 Safari CrewI love all of you and miss all of you!!!!!!!!!
New T KrewI always love you!!!
My Biological BrosDa & P.C. You know I love you two!!
My MataI love you. Thanks for everything!
All My FriendsYou know who you are...New T Krew, Alachua/Gainsville/Orlando/Miami FL,
New V Gang, Philly, Atlanta, California, India, New Orleans, Washington D.C.,
Minnesota, Detroit, NY, Auzzi Land, Canada, Mauritious, England, Colorado,
and all the rest scattered about...I of coarse love you!!!!!!
sorry if I didn't put where u are me..I didn't forget u on purpose
Gangi I will put the pic of us back again but I had to put this pic of me and brothers up for them. I love you sweet Gangi!

Goshi...I can't believe you moved. I miss you sooooo much!!! I still love you though!! Don't forget your real home and where you came from. OK!!?

Lali and Jagi...I'm going to miss you!!!! Best of Luck. Come home soon...remember this is always home!!! I love you!!!!!!!! We'll see you soon!

New York Rath was Awesome!!! I had soooo much fun!!! My first time there and I'm definitely going again. Big huge hugs and kisses to everyone!!! It was great to see all of you!!! Tons of love!!!

I had sooo much fun in India 2004. I miss everyone from safari soooo much. I Love you all!!! Haribol to all the safari Bigger Brother and our "O" cousin. And my blood brothers. And of coarse my (spit) little bro. And my sisters from New T. My Neighbor sister. And graduating sister. And my world-traveling sister and her fiance. And the newly-weds. And that cool pancake making ausi girl friend. And those awesome & very talented rico brothers and their sweet cousin. And my very dear friend who was in king kong but is now back in mayapur. And my other dear friend in puri. And that no longer distant-cousin who moved to denver. And those sweet beautiful sisters from alachua. And that biker babe from alachua and her ausi driver. And the wonderful couple who scored 90 in compatability. And the ahovalam group including the airforce guy, the dad, and camera advaduta. And those friends in d.c. And that beauty from mauritous. And the mom of two beautiful children from Canada. And all you wonderful safari friends. Lots of love to all the great india friends!

Lots of love to the New T. Krew always! And everyone else. Lots of love to the Alachua/(Gainesville-Hanu) and Atlanta and Cali/L.A. and New V. Gang and all the rest scattered about! I love you ALL!!! And love love love to my dear friends I grew up with. And lots of love to my sister..mother smurf. And love to my sister the mother of my neices and nephew. And of coarse you are from Alachua, but big hugs to my truck driver/owner friend. I miss you! I miss you all! Hope to see you this summer. Come visit us at New Talavan too!!!!! JAI RADHA RADHA KANTA! JAI RADHE SYAM! JAI PANCA TATTVA!

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Creation Date: 05/07/2004
Last Updated: 11/12/2008
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