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Name Krishna-shakti (Detroit/Japan)
AKA Narada Muni, kshakti, giggles(;o*) brujita, kama-chan, bom bom
Birth 05/06/1978 (41 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other,, (cant receive msgs from hotmail accounts on cell phone)
LocationIchihara, Japan/Lansing Michigan
36KB, JPSblessings1.JPG, image/jpeg

Finally getting Darshan of Maharaja in Japan!!!!
 Type  Who
GuruBhakti Tirtha Swami
MataMohini im missing u already:o(
Lil BroPalaka awwwwwwwww I miss u lil bro!
AuntAntaryami maybe ill see u in india
CuzMan wish I could ve seen you!
Los devotosque hablan espanol e ou portugues escribeme no mas
MulerjiNos vemos en india
Friends My heart chakra is out their for you!!!!!
TripperjiKa ko si? Sad I cant see u in india
Russian MafiaI love you all even though all I can say is chuuss chuuss
Detroit CrewIt was sooo nice see u all and Radha Kunjabihari!!!
Dancing BuddiesI miss you all!!! Keep rockin the kirtans!!! Represent!!
Bhakta vatsalyaArigatou for the Kulimela dvd!!!
So I actually bought my tix to india and will be there for almost 3 months...Im packing up everything now...trying to detach a bit hahaha so far im not making much progress. I cant wait to see many of you over there. Ill go on the Ganga safari Krsna willing after around india.... Time to figure out which place in the world is best to go.... Any ideas holla!!

Wow ok so I got so see some of you all this summer it was usual in and back in Japan again! That 24hour kirtan was the bomb uffffffff!!!!!!!! I felt like I was back in India and Europe. Ok my goal is to get out of Japan by April....
Continue to stay BLESSED BY THE BEST!

Man they have the devotee donuts are in starbucks over here!!!!! Yippee!

I MISS AND LOVE SO MANY OF YOU ALL!!! TAKE CARE!!! BESOS Y ABRAZOS A TODOS QUE NO PUEDO VER AHORA!!!!!! Especially the ones who know how to jam in kirtan in one way or another!!!!!!!!RADHE RADHE!!!!!!!!!!!! Please pray for me!

Lots of love XOXOXOXO

Hit me up on hi5 , sms, friendster, myspace, zorpia
skype; Kamahra
or ringo!

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blessing............ - 04/22/2008 (Sam Das)  
hey,krishna sakti do you remember me? iam narada. i meet you in vrindaban in 2004 you were with adigopi devi dasi from the way how is going on your spiritual life? i saw on gurukuli profiles your pic with guru maharaja finally getting very great....LoL... you can see my profiles on gurukull,profiles name is-sam das(australia)
miss you too - 09/13/2007 (Palaka)  
Man oh Man you talk about fashion I'm working right next to gucci, dolce, armani, etc all within 2 blocks! craziness...I wish i could only desire to wear a dhoti :(
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