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Name Jai Hoffman (Aus)
AKA Jumpin, Junior, Big Fella...... Maybe?
Birth 06/27/1982 (37 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contactsmsn. same as above
LocationBrisbane, Australia
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Anfo, Me, Mark and G. Right on it.
 Type  Who
MumRati Priya
BrothersSunanda, Prithu, Ramai
SisterAmrta Keli..... My little angel xoxo
TeamOld Oz and NZ crew
Yeah just got back from holidays. Incredible. Was very due for one. Did a 3 day P&O cruise. Best thing ever. Highly reccomended. Head off on a 7 day one in january. Seriously, deck chairs all day, long iced drinks, parties all night. Can not go wrong. Greatest weekend i've had. Did Melbourne for 5 days after that. Hot city. Saw my family after nearly 2 years. Great thing. The little ones have grown up so quick. They're great kids. My sister Keli is a little princess. Caught up with some of the old crew, Narada and Keshi. Top boys. Melbourne's a bang up place to party. Thanks guys. Be back down real soon. Anyway back into the daily grind. All good, all for the greater cause. Holidays in january again. Tropical islands and sunsets.... and those long iced drinks again!!! Much love.

P.S. keen to meet new people, write me.
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Creation Date: 05/27/2004
Last Updated: 10/05/2004
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