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Name Pragnesh (Caitanyananda Das)
AKA P-diddy
Birth 02/18/1978 (40 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts
LocationNew York, NY
32KB, C:\Documents and Settings\surti\My Documents\My Pictures\5-26-07\Pragnesh%20for%20a%20few%20minutes.jpg, image/pjpeg

Thanks to the mercy of so many devotees
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PitaShivaradhya Dasa
MataRaga-Marga Devi Dasi
BroPradyumna (Premananda Das)
HomiesAnanta. Dhani, Damodar, Arjuna, Uttam Bhakta, Rasacarya, Das, BrahmaHaridas
VBD, Janak, Vasu, Tony, KB, Ram, Rasesvara Krsna, Caitanya, Vrindavanath & KB
Amul, Damodar, Gauravani, Manish, Vin, Bhavin, Monil, Keval, Syam, Deet, Visnu
SistahsKrsangi, Janaki, Acuyta, Kunti, Minal, Gaurangi
Radhika, Ramya, Tulasi, Madan and Janaki
lets not forget:you know who u are.. (write me if you want in my list)
PSena USARock the world!!
PSena UKWe're on the way!!
Psena Canadau what? UNITE (2007 rocked)
My deepest gratitude to my beloved Gurudeva, HH Radhanath Swami Maharaj for picking someone useless like me from the ocean of material suffering.

pics from this year and previous to come @



Went to Lake Huntington for summer camp from 1982 -
1987. Stayed in the ashram for some of those years.. Though I missed out on gurukula, i sympathize with all of you...

NY Ratha-Yatra is the place to be... if you're ever in NY drop by the temple... lots of krsna youth...

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Creation Date: 04/02/2001
Last Updated: 09/12/2007
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