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Name Rami (NC)
AKA Ramananda Raya Dasa
Birth 11/11/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Male
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Other ContactsAIM: o0ber Koala
LocationPrabhupada Village, NC
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Taken on the set of Banks of the Vltava. I'm the Rabbi on the left.
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OtherYour mata
Haribolo everyone. I'm going to India for the first time this fall! :O Other that that, I'm a student. In the spring, I was going to UNCG, but after India, I'm likely transferring to Vancouver.

I'm also a musician. I've been playing piano since I was 7, and also play the djembe, didgeridoo (kind of, I'm working on it), bamboo flute, and of course, mridanga, harmonium, and kartals.

I'm also an actor. I've been in the talent industry for a couple of years now, and have been in countless spiritual plays in my local temple and on the bus tour, as well as 4 film projects. The latest film is called Banks of the Vltava, and you can watch it online now! Here is the official newscast:


Walk in the Park Pictures' short film "Banks of the Vltava" is now available for audience voting in Project Breakout's Master of the Macabre competition!

Audiences can view and vote for the film at:

War is a monster.

Set in 1944 Prague, a group of Jewish refugees seeks a way to survive. Perhaps the Rabbi can unearth an answer.

After being chosen as a finalist in Round 1 of the competition for their film "Cadence," (winner of the 2008 Greensboro 48 Hour Film Project), the filmmakers immersed themselves in the creation of a new production. "Banks of the Vltava" was shot entirely in Greensboro, NC, at Bur-Mil Park and Artistika Nightclub. The filmmakers are proud to represent Greensboro and the Carolinas in this national competition.

Audiences can see the film exclusively online as part of the Master of the Macabre film competition at Project Breakout's website. Audience members can cast 15 votes each day, simply by registering at the website. The cast and crew of "Banks of the Vltava" invite you to vote for their film as you enjoy the many fine shorts at Project Breakout.

With 25% of scoring derived from audience voting, the filmmakers hope that viewers will log on to the site and help this North Carolina team be first in the nation. The winning film will be premiered at the Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival on October 31st.

*All films featured are horror films, and some may not be suitable for children.

For more information on "Banks of the Vltava," "Cadence," or Walk in the Park Pictures, LLC, please visit:

View and vote for the film at Project Breakout's Master of the Macabre competition:
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Banks of the Vltava - 09/30/2008 (Rami (NC))  
Haribol everyone!!!

I recently starred in Banks of the Vltava, an action/horror (more action than horror) holocaust period short film. It's online now!!! It's about 10 minutes long, and I would rate it R for graphic violence.

Check it out and vote for it! It's not quite spiritual, but it's a big step for me on the stairway to Hollywood.

If it wins the competition, it will be noticed by producers in the industry and it will likely be turned into a feature film...then my career will be made! :D

Voting is easy, though you have to register for an account...but they wont spam you with emails or anything! After you are logged in, and the Banks of the Vltava page is open, just click vote, and voila...your vote is in.
You can vote 15 times per day for a week (October 5 is last day to vote, October 6 they announce winner), so vote away and bring this movie up to first place!

As of now, we are currently in 3rd place, and only 600 votes away from first place! With our large network, we can easily take the top!

Watch the film and vote for it at:

Thanks for your support!

Love you all,
Rami Rothstein


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