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Name Tony ( Diresh Antonio Raghubar)
AKA Diresh
Birth 06/22/1984 (35 yrs old)
Gender Male
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Other Contactsny ny ny ny ny ny lllllll!!!
LocationNew Rochelle N.Y
25KB, C:\Documents and Settings\Tony\Desktop\pics\Wedding 9-2-06_187zzx.jpg, image/pjpeg

my lil nephew and I ! :)
 Type  Who
5 brosJomo(M), Ganesh, krishna brnga, Vishnu, Govinda
1 sisVrinda Devi
mom & popVilasa, Parmanand
& a dog name mcGrAwMr.McGraw tha oldest homeboy eva (now he is dead)
PS GOOD TIMESjust wan to say i had fun with all yall- Mikey,leeah,rupie,radhika,Pragnesh,
pradyumna, Jyoti,Vrinda,Vishaka,Priyanka More 2 come didnt have enough time>
just wana say to all yall,

Live from new york its Rathayatra!!

Much luv to all tha ppl i had a chance to knoe this rath(ny). and also tha ppl i chilled with at new vrindavan rath "hehehe haaaaaaaa!" geterdun sike, and also all tha ppl from psena usa Por-to-mak. "i know"

It was also nice chillin with all of you who were at NEW V 4 balaram apearance day! shout out 2 leeah and her fam 4 holdin me down!!

DC iz alwayzzz Kool and now CooL (as in tha air) haha! naa but 4 real dc iz alwys cool !

change i letter and wow , ur on top of the list hahahah!

damm what a time to update this profile,. just had plastic surgery because of a near fatal accident in the hills of NEW V. other than that i'm happy, thanks to the moms that held me down and a special thanks to nimai 4 everything- ur a cool guy, not as cool as me but cool, the flipping out thing gata go bro.
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Creation Date: 08/18/2004
Last Updated: 02/03/2009
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