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Name Sita-Rama
AKA nenasita
Birth 01/18/1984 (34 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationTarpon Springs, FL
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 Type  Who
Husband and LoveVrindavanath--I miss you so much!
Step MomMulaka
BrothersBalarama, Priyahita, Sesanaga
SistersShyama and Dhyana
Parasurama & IshaniThe family i wish knew
My inspirationRadhanath Swami
friendsyou know who you are
Alachuastill my home
the rico dynastyi'm now related to you guys? life is crazy.
A Year and a half later, and i'm still putting these pictures up. what can i say? i love them! thank you to everyone who helped make our marriage lovely; you remind us daily that we have such a beautiful thing.

Well, the deed is done (practically). Looks like we'll be moving to Tampa for about a year beginning in August. After which, we'll reassess and figure out what else to do with our lives. Happy new year's everyone! this year will be good; so many new opportunities; so many new chapters to open.

Graduation: June 11th, 2006--yes, i know this is the day after ny rath; but for all of those who still care about me :p , please know that you're welcome to come to my crib in ohio and be here for me during this transition. also, kulimela is the wednesday after i graduate, so we can cruise over to New V together (it's on me).

They're putting me in the ER for clinical rotations this quarter. Yikes! i'm kind of scared, this was never on my list of things to do; but maybe i'll love it. pray that i won't mess up, and i'll assist the Lord in His plan whenever He decides to save a few lives.

I've been accepted to go on a 9 day study abroad program in Honduras with the college of nursing. i'll be there helping care for the women and children; hopefully i'll be able to deliver a few babies here and there! Please pray that i may be able to collect all the funds necessary (why is cash always such a problems these days :p ) and that everything will work out for me to go. it will be such a great opportunity for me to get my feet wet in global health and for me to study medical termonology in spanish; and of course, to help the underserved.

Congratulations Lali & Jaggi; i can't wait to see a miniature version of you guys running around and giggling. the world needs more people as sweet as yourselves.

Colombia was great, for all of you who are wondering. the beaches on the carribean are amazing. so clean, so calm, so sunny, so beautiful. i got to meet much of my long lost brethren :)

!Vamos a Colombia!!!!!!!!!
Hey everyone, we're going to Colombia this saturday!!! i can't wait! if there's anyone who wants to tell me about it or tell me where we should go, then email me. v'nath and i finally get to go on our luna de miel.
we'll be there for two weeks. after which i'll stop in alachua for a week and i'll get to be there for Radhastami! i'm so happy!

As time goes by without you, I feel more satisfied with the thought that you?re with Lord Krsna instead. Yes, I know that I was never really around you, but such a loss is definitely noticed and unavoidable even all the way up here. I?ll always remember you.

Hey everyone. I never thought I'd be putting a profile up. I went to Laxmimani's ashram between 97-2001. Had the time of my life there, although it was a bit hard at times. Lived my recent years in alachua, now i'm just living in Columbus, Ohio with my hubbie. We just got married this year in alachua on June 19th. Currently, I am attending The Ohio State University College of Nursing; studying like mad to be an R.N. and will receive bachelor's in the science of nursing. well, drop me a line every once in a while. take care everyone!
thank you to all of you who give me inspiration.

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