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Name Sitarani (san diego)
AKA Sita, SR, sitaroni, seets, cheesecake
Birth 03/31/1990 (29 yrs old)
Gender Female
Email [ hidden ]
Other ContactsVrndavana das
LocationSun Diego
19KB, CIMG5664.JPG, image/jpeg

Love U Mohini!
 Type  Who sweetheart.
DadGuru Krsna das
MomNimai dasi
Brother & sisterNitai & Laksmi priya
Ananda Jane Hullmiss you and your sweet anni
Dance DanceMohini
Nanda priyaSee you this Feb!
SD crewNitai, Laksmi, Param, Gaura, Chinni, Aja, Billy
Vishnu & Regina
Mayapur crew...Mani, Rohini, Medha, Soma, Vishaka!, Muni
Fr Sita & Ksana..
The S.A.Kalindi, Nandu, Vrindi, Prahlad & i
With me, always-H.H. Radhanatha Swami
My baby/india/summer/asram pics at

2005/6 Vishnava Academy for Girls:
Kumari, Nanda, Yani, Lalita, Leela, Karuna, italian Sita,
Saradia, Tulsi, Jahnavi, Shara & Ramani

Summer06: NY Rath, Kuli Mela, So Cal & Mexico with
the bus tour, Vancouver Rath, TJ Rath.

Mayapur gurukul at the moment..! Jai Radha Madhava

Comming back home to San Diego.. will be at LA rath.. goin to miss
some of my dear mayapurians

Vrndavana is comming to San DIego on the 27th of November. I'm
so happy and nervous! Nandu will also be comming on the 4th of
December! yeaaaaaay

In San Diego with Mani right now. Going to Vrindavan Dham
Aug.7th - Nov 24th with my best friend... Mohini Murti!

Back in SD .. going back to Vrndavan/Mayapur this feb/march/april
for maha abhisekh and Suryas wedding! messages write me
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make your FireFox browser wear RADHA KRISHNA LILAS persona - 04/16/2009 (IIKSIIॐ)  
Sitarani!! - 01/15/2009 ()  
Hey sweetie!

How are you? I'm starting to hate myspace, so I wanted to reply to you here...ya I'll be in India until May, I hope you come to Mayapur! I'm pretty sure my school will let me get away...Love your pic too, you guys are sooo cute! What kunda is that? Take care, xoxo
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