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Name Krsna-Jivani
AKA Kiss, Draupadi, Aliya, Princess, More...
Birth 12/04/1994 (23 yrs old)
Gender Female
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My guru... I love u soo much.
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SistersR, B, K-C, G
BrothersS, M, G, H, V
FriendsI think you'll know if your my friends.
E-mailingIf you e-mail me put gurukuli on the subject.
GuruKrsnapada(he named me Draupadi).
God MotherMother K, and more... :).
RadharaniI miss her again!
JaiCan't say what I want to... must respect.... ahh!!
Krsna-Vati!!! dtyhdtysgfdu6835eydhy!!!!
Best FriendKrsna♥ and a lot of other ppl
Hari DWoot!
KrsnapadaPlease whatch out for my family and me and make sure we don't do anything
Krsna would not like, I love you, Thank you!
KaviI can't believe that....
Krsnapadas footK
Hey everybody!

I like:
Reading (I would die without books), playing basketball(still learning), drawing(I'm getting better now!), swimming(can't wait until the summer again, I miss it!), singing(but you will never hear me doing it!), Talking on the phone(with my friends), ice skating(I want to do that soon...), hanging out(sometimes even doing nothing while hanging out), going to movies(I cant wait till the next Harry Potter move comes out!), Amusement parks(♥), meeting ppl(some ppl!), Orlando Bloom(I would like to meet), Krsnapada(I looove), acting(yay), Thanksgiving(getting together with my family), writing books (lots of ppl say I'm a really good writer) and going to Ratha-Yatras(YEAH!), and of course more.
As you can see I like doing alot of things my fav. books are Harry Potter books, and fav. movies are Lord of the Rings.

Heres a little something about my life:

I haven't been on here for forever, things slowly fade away. First then then tagged. com then a whole bunch of other websites. Kinda like how the cards were no longer accurate. Poke'mon(that lasted the longest). Yougeyo(?). And more. Kinda like the dolls too. Barbies. Myscene. Brats. I don't know what it is now. Well enough on that subject. Today is March 19, 2008. Spring Break is soon!!!!!!!! It's funny I'm on here, we (me and some friends) don't get on here anymore and when we come back we laugh at our profiles at how unupdated they are (if thats a word). The last movie I saw was The Sisterhood Of Traveling Pants. I liked it a lot. Well, I'm 13 now and nothings different... Well some stuff is, but I expected other stuff to be. So, basically, I'm just trying to have fun with life while I can. Well thats all for today. My little brother isn't anymore mature *sigh* and his birthday is in like 20 days.

Ttyl(talk to you later),

See the future
A lil bit of this & a lil of that(write)

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