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Name Sri Kesava
AKA sribaby; sribalibeebali, shreeki; shreekay
Birth 12/31/1969 (49 yrs old)
Gender Unknown
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"The Avatar Sessions" CD cover
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My kuli friends call me an honorary kuli, which I find very flattering! I am not a kuli by birth but am putting a profile up here coz I wanted to post some news in particular for kuli's. I use to be in Baby Gopal and Shelter, but now have an Indo-world beat project, bhajans, beats and classical Indian dance. We play out regularly in the Los Angeles area at yoga studios and events like the Yogi Times Magazine party. Last month I flew to Penn State Uni for a performance, also with Gauravani's Kindred Spirits and in 2005 I'll be doing a European tour. Long story short, altho mine never are... I want to hook up with more kuli's in the area with musical talent, flute, percussion, violin, sarod etc who want to join the project either full on or drop in, so that's why I posted a profile. Right now I am working with Dauji, from Vrndavan now here in LA and a few other devotees. I like working with kuli's coz you tend to be into Krishna, but still normal.

I am pretty new to LA and haven't met everyone, so if you live in the LA area and this sounds like something you'd be into, drop me an email. You can hear soundbites of the songs on my site to get an idea.
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Creation Date: 10/26/2004
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