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La Familia- in montreal for rath
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momDawaka devi dasi
lil sisterKunti
T.Dot crewvyas,rinks,jittin,annu,vrishni,ava,and your truely
Home boyRobin
Danm summer is almost over, an just like that so are most of the rath's for this year. It's funny how things come and go so quick but just like that they come back. I just hope they will be fun as this years tho and hope to see all those who i didn't see this year... n when i see u, u BETTER SMILE.

Best Rath's That I went To This Year

The number one rath for me this year was the Toronto a.k.a the rath. For any of u who missed it , it was mad fun all the dancing in the tunnel and crazy kirtan. Oh yea and this year the dhoti standard was taking up to another leave by Nanda n his pink dhoti .. u suprised me boy but it all good next year is my turn.

The second best rath as always when comparied to the one is montreal. Montreal rath came soo close to beating the toronto rath with there live as hell kirtan and dancing in the purning rain. But one thing that beats Toronto was the mad fun we had over there before n after the rath ...I WANT TO SEND A BIG SHOOT OUT TO NANDA WHO SHOWED ALL US T.DOT AN DETORITE PEOPLE A GOOD TIME..much love year we will show u an the rest a way better time. Oh yea the swimming was wicked eh. all u that went swimming know what i am talking about.

SORRY i couldn't make all the rath's this year but i had nuff fun n can't wait till next year. Until then shouts out to everyone. If i miss u please forgive me..


Devi- It's always nice to talk to u mataji.

hari bol till i see u all again...

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