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Name gopipriya (LA)
AKA too many to name yall know them ;D
Birth 12/25/1994 (24 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Other Contactsask anyone at the LA famous :D/
LocationLos Angeles, california the sunshine + funshine state yay summer is coming
30KB, gopipriya's camera 674.jpg, image/jpeg

me(left) and visnu priya my older sis
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maIndurani Devi Dasi
babaBhaja Govinda Das
Krishna Priya(nunu)you can be cute at times i repeat ,AT TIMES jk lol ur cute
Visnu Priya(didi) HOLA (Visnu Priya (LA)) haha ur at college now
madan mohan now 1yrMADAN MOHAN, the adorablest awsomtastic -est
friendsthanx 4 ditching me to mexico france and exiter me all alone in LA : (
mayapurthe place i dream of every night : (
the pic up therepart of our makeup for the play
hey everyone(both people i do and dont know) wow i havent been on here forever, kulimela just passed here in LA it was awesome all the bhajans and kirtans were really ecstatic and we did a remake of the play "the rose of vidarbha" bigger and better the pic up there is of the type of makeup we didfor the play, maori inspired
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Happy New Year - 12/31/2006 (Haridham(My latest youtube video.The essence of the vedas(conclusion))  
Hey, How are you doing? Wow you have your birthday on the same day as Jesus. Wow, are you jesus. lol. Happy belated birthday. We are fighting this in Canada. Krsna only knows what will happen to her. Check out my latest video. Take care Happy New Year
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