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Name Rishi
AKA rishi, rish, ri, baba and rishaaaay
Birth 12/05/1991 (26 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationNew Talavan Dham
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My Boy
 Type  Who
Matsya! and Giriraj!My sweet Lala's.
PitaVedantakrt das
MaSri Pati d.d.
Other PitaDevala Rsi das
Other MataNrsimha Laksmi d.d.
SisterDevesa......come back :'(
BrotherAdi dev
My Lovely Ladies!The jewls on the plain string of my life.
My Big BrothersI love you guys, thank you for always protecting me. (:
MissingThe candle lit faces of Radhe Shyam's beautiful Vrajabasis. Kartik Ki Jay!
BeggingSrimati Radharani to let a fool come back home.
"O friend! Radha is not the crescent moon in the
twilight, nor can She be a creeper tinged with
pollen. How can we know Her? Radha is dressed in
the red cloth of the essence of all beauty and
affection. If various flowers fall at the lotus
feet of Radha, they become infused with the pink
hue of the lac dye on Her feet. It seems that out
of shame the flowers offer their softness to
Radha's lotus feet."

"Though the path is full of flowers, the swarm of
bees are falling at Radha's feet. I think that
the bees mistake Her feet for two moving lotuses
because of their honey sweet fragrance. As Radha
moves along the path, She anoints the Sakhis with
the kunkuma of Her glance. She ornaments Them with
Her touch and feeds Them the nectar of Her words.
In this way Radha creates a shower of happiness."

-Sri Madhava Mahotsava by Sri Jiva Gosvami

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