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Name Lila-manjari
AKA Lila
Birth 11/17/1979 (39 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Other Contacts Cell phone, Land line, Front door,
Location Beautiful Student Housing (UCSD) in
La Jolla CA ... USA
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David And I on our wedding day (Aug 2 08)
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GuruBir Krsna Goswami
FriendsSo many and each of you are wonderful!!!
MotherI love her very much!
FatherYes I love him too.
Pirates.. Rrrrr
HusbandDavid Thornton
ChildrenBaby boy A & B
David and I are doing great!
Our wedding (AUG. 2 2008) was fabulous!
Their was so much love shared with us and everything was absolutely perfect!

David and I are still both attending UCSD.
I am expected to graduate this year and David next (with our B.A.'s)


We are expecting the birth of our first and second children this coming Spring.
Our Twin Boys are due May 5th!
They are growing healthily and I am doing well.

We are very excited and ask each of you to pray to Krishna to bless them with a desire to serve Him for the whole of their lives!

So that is the update!
I miss you all and hope to hear from you all real soon!

Till then I wish you all the best!!
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hugs - 02/20/2009 (Bhakti lata)  
big hugs, lila. Congratulations on your marriage, on your twins (pictures?) and I hope our lives weave together again someday soon, even if only for a day!
hariboool! - 12/27/2008 (Tulasi manjari)  
awww... I love wedding pictures! beautiful! and twins!!! WOW!
CONGRATULATIONS, dear Lila-manjari!!!!
big hugs to you! :)
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