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Name NiLa
AKA Neelam,NileTTa...Nilaji...sweetipie..sweetheart. ..NiLuZza ...MAtaji..ANGEL,!!!
Birth 10/05/1988 (30 yrs old)
Gender Female
Location(hmm INDI@.. Vrindhavan dham)Italy at the moment :P
46KB, C:\Documents and Settings\utente\Desktop\nila, image/pjpeg

Nila , Nila , Nila yup is Me hihih :P thinking of ...???
 Type  Who
Gurujimy pitaji for now later i hope Radhanath swami .. :)
PitajiDurgama Prabhu :)
MatajiVanamali I LOVe YOU :)
Sister Vaikuntha kuntha LOVE YOU!
Rakhi Bro sBaba, Naretto,Borda,Chorda!
Best friend Lord Krsna:)
My everything Lord Krsna :)
Always on my mindLord Balaram:):):)
The Most Beatiful Srimati Radharani!:)
My LOVe Ly Niece:)Malika ...i never get tired looking at YOU =) welcome !
Friends...!All the people in krsna Planet:) Jay!
Radhe Radhe RAdhe Shyam !!!
Jay Jagannath!
Krsna is sooo Mercyfull wit all of us .. !
Chant Chant Chant the HoLy Name of the Lord! :)

Philosophy is the highest, but even higher than philosophy is practice of philosophy. So if you simply remain pure, your preaching will have effect.

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Life is not made of good and bad like the black and white of a rain-cloud. Take the colors and paint a rainbow across your life.
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Creation Date: 03/07/2005
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