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Name Jaya Lalita
AKA *Jayanti*
Birth 05/06/1987 (31 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Me in the red, with freinds
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GurudevaB.V Narayana Mahraja
MUMKanaka Manjari
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Haribol everyone,

Krsna Conciousness begins when one becomes humble submissive and a servant. These qualities are naturally feminine, but unfortunately this crazzy age of Kali has tottally undermined these qualities. Nowadays women are arguing and fighting with the men over power and they want to dominate. But if only those sadly ignorant femmininsts would realize that being a woman is the best position, because...
we are classed as second to the men, and called less intelligent, well good! If one accepts this then the process of Trnad api sunicena can take place, so actually we are more fortunate because women generally are not dominant power mongers. A message to all femmininsts is that being in the back and doing service without pomp and grandure actually melts Krishna's heart one million times more thanif you make a show of it, or become a female who is as bad as a male in the way of wanting respect and power. Our whole suffering in this world is based on the fact that we want power, enjoyment and glory, instead of being a simple sweet servant. So all you girls who want to become like men, remember that being labelled as a "less intelligent woman" is actually more superior than having a male abhiman (ego) and being smashed by maya again and again, and cheated by Krsna also.

all I can say is we have been selfishly enjoying for billions of lives and not getting anywhere by doing so, now that srila Prabhupada has given us this opertunity to actually do something with ourselves, we should'nt misuse the oppertunity and think its all good to just have dozens of boy/girlfreinds, but we, as the vaishnava youth should become a lil more serious.
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Creation Date: 03/16/2005
Last Updated: 07/13/2005
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