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AKA Madhana
Birth 01/18/1978 (41 yrs old)
Gender Female
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My Sweet GuruH.H.Radhanath Swami Im eternally indebted to YOU!!!!!!!!
My InspirationVakresvara Pandit thank you,your voice keeps me in ecstasy
My FatherTalavana Das The undercover RASCAL Im inspiring to become like
My MATAM.Kamagiri BEST COOK and Mother 2 all!!!
Elder sisterDevaki Mata waiting to be rescued
Big BroBrajananda Pandit the most talented brother to have
SistersKrsangi, Vrnda. 2 Crazy ladies
My Bro of KirtanHari with out you and the mrdanga how would my feet move!
Lil BrosKavi and Govinda Love you guys stay sweet not sour
My baby girlsMichelle, Indira and Kamika Sorry you have to tolerate such a mother
Lil sisAmrta can't wait to dance with your crazy #@%!!
Mi amiga(my friend)Kala-nipuna My crazy partner in devotional service, Te amo!!
My bloodJai Gurupada My brother for life, stay spiritual
Bhajan rasaAnanta and Acyuta heavenly beings always chant Krsna's holy names
Ext. broNitai stay sweet and away from the ladies
Soul broKrsna Brnga Finally you realize your true nature, love you!!
My extended familyTo all of those that Ive known and love, Hare Krsna!!
Advice to allAlways remember Krsna and never forget Him
PAMHO Hare Krsna,

Im extremely desperate for devotee association,not husband association,true friend for life and death association. Ive been through many trials and tribulations.But due to the mercy of my Guru Maharaja and Krsna and the devotees, some how Iam able to survive.My devotional life right now is a little struggle. I feel Krsna is testing me.And He knows Im a fighter and Ill never give up.But due to the political side of devotees some times I feel the test are too much.But any way for those who dont know me, I was born and raised in the Cleveland Temple a long time ago.I am the 3rd eldest of 8.I have 3 daughters.No husband thank Krsna.Nothing against men.haha I lived and had the blessed opportunity to assist H.G.Vakresvara Pandit and all the other devotees in Puerto Rico for 5 years.Now I live in the Columbus Yatra.Which it is a struggle due to the lack of devotees not wanting or not inspired enough to be devotees.So we have to be Spiritual Warriors in order to survive. Right now the festivals and the devotees are my means of living. Soon I will (hopefully)be blessed with the association of my Guru. Ki Jai Well I will see you all soon at the FESTIVALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Creation Date: 04/12/2005
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