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Name RaMmjii
AKA Ram, plastic smile, haoslse, Prom(moron can't say ram)
Birth 07/07/1987 (31 yrs old)
Gender Male
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a glimpse of dushera 2008
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FamilyTrix, Tungavidya, Yadu, Kulapriya
Extended FamilyDC Respectables...the family that keeps me flowing
Around the WorldUK, Baltimore, India, Chicago, N-Y,J,C Cali, New V
Life is short yet the oppurtunities we are presented with day to day to preach are endless. Each one of us has the golden oppurtunity to spread Krsna's Holy Name throughout every City, Town, Suburb, District, Village, etc. in the world. Lets make the most of this oppurtunity during the short period of time that we are on Mother Earth.

-a *spark* is momentary, but what you create from that spark can be monumental-

-through preaching Prabhupad kept teaching the world that, to find the Lord you need the right map-

Radhe Radhe
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yooo - 09/25/2007 (vinod)  
hey man u frin*n remamber me or not if u dont then think again and try. to rember me any waz lots of news i am getin whats is this man any way stay cool keep in touch
vinod vrindavan
hey - 07/04/2006 (Kushal DC)  
hey was up ram haha. i herd you got kicked out of the DC rath whatt happened? cause my mom saw it and i was wondering? let me know what is up. hey also there is a program at B-more on thursday so ttyl oka pce out radhe radhe
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