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Name Gouri krshna *
AKA gori , gorita
Birth 08/04/1993 (25 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contacts msn :
Location*~*alachua, florida*~*
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 Type  Who
momKaveri devi dasi
siblingsdhamayanti (9), sama shakti (6)
cousin*~*indranila*~*nandi , arjuna ,ramananda and more ..
top friendsYasoda,vrn,sita,ananta,visakha,radha,kalla,kishore,ambika,gopi,prema,ruk,hannah
frndfrom st. louisvarz and kalindi i mis you so much !!!!!!
~!* ananda !*~ur like my best sis and i luv ya lotz dont eva change gurl! omg i can't wait :D
friends this yearprema,katie,moh,radha,gopi, if i fogot someone love ya
:) *~ ** ~* :)i'm sorry......i love you <3
*~radha~*we should hang out some time :P love ya
*~yasoda~*i love you lots and lots !!! :D
*~sita~*that was really
~*rukmini*~hi mini :D
~*visakha*~you are a cool friend love ya
*~kalla*~wht up !!!!! you are cool love ya
*~indra*~sup you a cool plima !!love ya
*~radha ~* 8th ya!!
*~ambika~*hey you are like ma sis ya!!!
*~ gopi ~*you cool :) ya!!
*~vrin~*yep i'm going to get it if you keep telling me i wont !!! love ya!!!
*~prema~*your ya !!!
*~Hannah~*hey !!!! love ya !!!
*~kishore~*hey ......sup are like my big bro!!!!!
more friendsmahadev,krishna,balaram,Jaya,DD,govinda,toby,chandra,Abhay,kishore...........,
ananta,,raj,dhanista,chay you ppl are cool!!!!! :D
if i didn't put you i still care about you!!! :D
uh let me tell u sumtin bout ma self .... my best coz is indra luv ya ... my luv is ** and rememba RADHE SYAM

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