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Name ananda*
AKA just ananda!!!
Birth 08/31/1993 (25 yrs old)
Gender Female
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kalla .... indra .... gouri it dont matter if i aint in it but my frndzzz
 Type  Who
*sis*radha annoyin lil brat!!!
~* gouri *~gouri ur sooo nice uve always been there 4 me ... luv ya sooo much :)ur ma bff
~*visakha*~ur really sweet ... luv ya
*~ govinda ~*govinda eres una buena amiga !!! luv ya
*~ vrin g *~im glad im making u like reggeaton !!! n eyeliner luv ya
*~yasoda*~hey yoda .... luv ya ur such a good frnd!!!
*~ miami frnd*~stephanie srry 4 all the stuff i did 2 u ... luv ya
*~indra*~i'll miss u n skool alot who will i see with a smile all the time?? luv ya ...
*~ other frndzzz *~shara, radha.d, citra , ruxi
*~ people*~hey if i didnt put ur name ur still koool :)
*~ kalla*~kalla ill miss u 2 ..... omg it will be real boring witout u guys !!! luv ya
*LA frndzzz*ambika , varzzzz, kalindi i think thats all
*~ ulupi *~uve always been there calming me down when im mad @ citra that lil brat luv ya
MuSiCreggeraton, rap , n ane other type of spanish music
Daddy Yankeei luv ur songs ...... gasolina!!!
mr . haytonur the kind of teacher i would luv to have alll the time ... luv ya mr
*~ ary *~still frndz?
rapomg i luv rap ... and i h8 racis ppl!!!
*~ the graduates *~omg im missin u guys already !! :( :( :(
8th grd pplmissin ya ...if i missed ur name im so srry ...
*~ ambika *~when will u kum ... thanx for tellin me "u know wut on the phone"
ur 1 of my bff in alc like gouri :D :) luv ya !!!
hey theres one thing in the whole world u should always rememba " KrSnA " neva 4 get him .... k ???

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