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Name bhagavan
AKA rocky
Birth 04/03/1993 (26 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contactsnone
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My G Eminem
 Type  Who
MotherMother Kunti
BrothersAkil, Bruke
SistersSheeba, Bhari
Friend thats a gurlKhulan
God brotherKofe
Other FriendsMichael,Kavi,Govinda,Mukunda,Dhruva,Phoenix
Hari-GauraI heard ur goin 2 Cedar Point
hi my name is Bhagavan my hobbies are basketball,karate,boxing,wrestling,football,swimming,go-carting,and skating,and lifting weights.Right now I'm going to a basketball camp and gymnastics camp. My girlfriend is the best right now. I luv her and can't wait to see
her!!!!!!good bye... sike u no i'm just jokin. Sorry it took me so long 2 get back 2 u guys. I no I can du betta than that wid my hitcount.I shouldn't be telling u this but...well I told hari and krsnavati so what the heck. I had 2 g2 speech theropy. 4 1 reason I us 2 say four and door like duhh and fuuh. Ughhhh. Hey i just rhymed. anyway I hope 2 c everyone in well sum state. I'll check back with thaa guys lataaa, hahhlaaahhhhhh...Awww I hEARD that there's a fight goin on between Gita, Pr@sh@nt, Krsnavati, Hari, Tapasha, and all these the peoplez. Should I GET UP IN THIS OR SOMETHING AND DAWG a few people outz zer whatz da dealio. Anyways something bad happened 2 my relatives so I didn't get a chance with my FUTURE WIFE KRISHNAVATI. I realy donno what 2 say but...
Hit Count: 1047
Creation Date: 06/29/2005
Last Updated: 09/05/2005
Profile ID: 3811

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