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Name Alexis (NYC)
AKA lexi, lexus ,pancake,retard, sped, pierres sister, speshul, cow
Birth 03/17/1991 (27 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationNYC the 1 and only
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me n my friends lookin kool wit a capital k... hari bol!!!!
 Type  Who
momIndera (no one like her... thanx for everything you have done for me)
dadPartab (the funny man I love you so much)
brotherPierre... most annoying but luvable brother
Spice GirlzWe may have our problems but we'll be firends forever nohing can come between 9
years of friendship...Love you guys n miss u always : )
LalitaI love yu no matter how retarded you are
Priya thanx for aways bein g there when i need to talk ur a geat friend!!!
ShellyI love u, even though your hard headed n you always get me in trouble : P
Latchmeemy BEST friend u mean da world 2 me... I wish i wasn't always so far away i
miss all the time we spent together. Guess i won't see you until April we'll
chill n have fun!!! luv ya
Brooklyngreatest devotees in da world!! missing u guys aways
niyati, janaki(both), amrita, ananta, acyuta, ramnarines <3, diana n family,
shanie, lil lalita, vinda, satya, gita, pradyumna , pragnesh, ragubars,
Chammomile, Saraswati, Shani, Chintamini, Acuntita (I'm bad @ spelling)
VarshaHope you n ur brother can come next year we miss you guys
Other devoteesFor those people that I have met hope to see you guys soon and for those who I
haven't hopefully i'll meet you soon and enjoy your company : )
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looks good pictuer - 11/19/2008 (gurudayal das)  
hey gral how are you ? I ma gurudayal from australia sydney ? I have seen your profile is looks so nich ?
so i would like to make frenship relition with you if you dont mine ? ok let me hnow i will be here waiting your positib repply ? Thank you so much Take care by .................
Gurudayal das
hi - 02/24/2007 ()  
hari bol...........

how are looking cool......
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