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Name Saradia
AKA Saradio, Sardi, Sardo, Sarda, Vrajvasi, lali,Purnima,Molasses, Sharada Purnima.
Birth 10/24/1988 (30 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationSan Francisco
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Radheyyour the best son a mother could have
MomsGauri and Radhika
Dad Giridhari
BrothersBalarama and Kaliya Krsna
My Alachua familyM. Parijata, Krsna Presthaya, Ambika, Amina, Omar and Yamuna ( love you!)
Lord NrsimhadevaPlease give us your blessings !
Class of 2006Congraulation !!!
Safari 2007It was so much fun and miss everybody!
My son was born on Aug 16th via c-section. We named him Radheya Sharaha. He is the cutest little thing ever. Eric and I just adore him. He is such a happy baby and hardly ever cries. Every little thing he does is just so amazing.

We're having a little boy who is due on August 20th. We have decided to name him Vaayu.


Well,we picked out a name for a boy but still looking one for a girl. If its a boy his name will be Vaayu.


I am looking for a 2 bedroom apartment in the MVT. If anybody is renting one or knows somebody who's renting one please let me know. My e-mail is

well I am about half way done with this school year. For Winter break I went to Eugene and Buttefalls. For new year's Eric and I went to Dominican Republic. While I was in Dominican Republic I found out I was pregnant. So now I am about 2 months pregnant. Eric and I are really really excited. The baby is due around August or September. My parents are totally thrilled even though they already have two grandchildren.


Today ends the 2nd week of being in the Air Force ROTC. I am pretty excited about joining the Honor Guards.

Its been two years since I left the ashram and so much has happened. Today I was looking through some of the e-mails I sent my teachers and friends in those days. Its amazing to see how different it was. I sometimes miss it so much.


I officially hate Bellevue Community College. People there are so not helpful. Anyways thinking of a new career called Spa specialist. But we shall see how far I pursue that. hahahaha......
Today was my first working at 24 hour fitness. It was fun. My co-worker are really cool.


I am survived through the first quarter of college. I am transferring to Bellevue Community College next year. Thinking of going into the military. Lets see what Krsna has in store for me.


Had a boring 19th b-day. I slept all day....hahaha... Having a little party with my family here in Eugene this weekend.


Well, I barely passed the driver's test but I got my license. Right now I am just chilling out with my cousins in Eugene for a month. I am doing online college. Taking eng and intro to criminology. In two weeks I am turning 19. So write me Happy b-day note on oct-24.


Eric and I celebrated are 1st anniversary last Sunday. We went up to Mt. St.Helens. Soon I'll be starting college at LWTC.Just taking math, english and intro to criminology. I am going for a AA degree in Criminal Justice. So I am really excited about that. Today I am going for my driver license test.Wish me luck!!!


Well,I am here in Tallinn, Estonia. Its great.


Having a blast in Finland. Right now I am in Truku. Went up to the arctic circle and saw polar bears at a zoo.....

Finished my second week at Kindercare. I am the new pre-k teacher. I take care of about 20 4-5 years old. They're crazy but I love working with them. I have one kid that speaks Arabic and understands little English and he sleeps with his eyes open. I thought something was wrong with him when I first saw him like that. Eric and I are leaving to Finland on the 2nd of August. I am so excited. We'll be traveling with his Dad to Sweden and meeting up with my brother-in-law Karl. From there all 4 of us will go to Finland.

Been home for 10 days and its wonderful. Now just looking around for a job. I got a car from my cousin for free. Its a Saturn and in really good condition.


Going home in 5 days. We went to Tunganath, where I was blessed to come back with a child next year. Badrinath was freezing cold. Nainital a nice city. We took a pedal boat out on the lake. I wish Tulasi and Ben had been with us. In Corbett National park we saw crocodiles, 3 different types of deers, wild elephants and no tiger. Also it was a rip off there.


Leaving Rishikesh tomorrow to go to Yamunatori and Gangatori. Its been wonderful being here in Rishikesh and just chilling. I am excited to see the Himalyas. Even though I was born and raised here in India. I have never been so far north and looking forawrd to it.


Well, Its been a long and eventful trip to India so far. Gour Purnima was wonderful in Mayapur. Jaganath Puri was really nice even though the panipuris gave me a bad stomachache the whole time I was there. I got to go inside the main temple in Puri and see Lord Jaganath. Konark temple was a beautiful place. Sorry to Lord Surya that I threw up in your temple. Sakshi Gopal needs to control his pujaris so the devotees that come to see him don't get harassed by them.
The Safari was intense and fun. I shaved my head in Tirupati. It nice having no hair. I miss all the old friends and new friends I got to hang out with.
Right now I am in BodhGaya, where Lord Buddha attained enlightment. Its a really nice place. Soon my husband and I will be leaving to the Himalayas. Its going to be intense going up to some of the places there.

Finally here in vrindavana. We have been in India for about 2 weeks. Hung out in delhi for couple of days and went to couple of boring weddings. Can't wait to go to Mayapur. I'll change the picture when I get home back to U.S in may...

Eric and I are leaving to India soon. I just finished working at Victoria Secret. Its horrible working there. If anyone ever decided to work there, work only as a cashier. I have got two more weeks till I finish working at Blockbuster. Can't wait....

Just had my 18th b-day. Maybe going to India this December with Eric. Congrats to KD and Gaura!

Well, now I am married. Not much is going on just trying to get my new house in order and make it nice.


Not much is happening. Just getting ready for my wedding. Its on September 2nd at the Seattle rathayatra festival site. Even though planning a wedding is a bit stressful I am very happy.

Well, tomorrow its back to Seattle The rainy city. Gonna miss Alachua alot. Its been wonderful living here for the past 5 years.

WOW!!! Kuli Mela was great... The past two weeks have been like a dream. I wish I had a really good memory so I could remember every detail.


well, I am finally done with the ashram. Panihati festival was wonderful. Just chilling in NC till NY ratha.
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