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Name Pushpa p.
AKA Pushie,Pushpie,Rosa,Rosie
Birth 12/31/1990 (27 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationI am a citizen of the world( New Zealand!!!Aoteroa or just plain old Kiwi land)
7KB, springtime rain, application/x-macbinary

deep thoughts my furry friends
 Type  Who
daddysexy mikey!!!Luv that style
best buttyMatiz!!U r always numba 1
I finally made it to india! It was amazing! I had the best time.It was wikkey meeting heaps more of u! It was my 1st time, wich made it a little bit more special! And I had my birthday in Vrindavan! Its all cuz 1 day, a very long time ago, an old friend said 2 me" pushpa on ur 15th birthday I want u 2 come to india 2 c me"..........and guess what Lila.......I did!

NOw I'm back In New Zealand, sufficintly jet lagged! But I still have a whole 4 weeks left of holidays b 4 I am foricibly dragged back 2 school! So im gunna camp out @ the beech ( being all shunti shunti like!!hehe) not literally, though I wouldnt complain! in fact I think I might head there now!

I do solimly promise that 1day, 1day very soon I will find a decent picture! Untill then, just bear with me!

Though I do have 2 ask.............hows cyber mansion holding up with out me?
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hehe - 01/09/2006 (I MAHADEV I)  
hi there i wrote you a message...=)
write me a message! - 01/09/2006 (Pushpa p.)  
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