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Name Karan Gulati
AKA Krishna Govinda
Birth 03/19/1982 (36 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts91-011-9899820433,
LocationNew Delhi - India
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My Sweet Lord.....O My Lord....I really wanna see u lord,
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Best BuddiesVrinda & Krishna Lila
Hare Krishna

Please accept my humble obeisances.
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

Hope u are in good health....
Well about my Vrindavan Experiences?..this time I went alone by Train, on the way I got the association of Surat?s Temple Manager, he was heading to Vrindavan for attending the ISKCON Temple Managers? meeting and on the way to Vrindavan we had a very nice and informative conversation; he told me about his Guru Maharaj, ISKCON Projects in Surat, Books Distribution and we had also discussed the Preaching of Prabhupada, Kunti Devi, Krishna and other things. His age is around 31 an initiated devotee and staying in ISKCON for last 7 year; by his appearance and behavior he was looking such a nice and down to earth kind of person.

Thanks to Krishna that I got such a nice association, but this is not the end when we have reached to Mathura Station we came to know that due to elections there is bandh in Vrindavan and all commuting services to Vrindavan were suspended but anyhow by Krishna?s mercy and Prabhupada's grace we got a lift up to Atala Chungi and from there we had a nice walk of around 2 Km and then we got a Rik to ISKCON temple. Finally at around 11:20 Am, I have reached at new Bhakta Ashram and with the help of Gaurav Prabhu, I got the accommodation. After taking a bath (chilled water) headed towards temple and there enjoyed the ecstatic Kirtana by Various Vaishnavas. During Prasad distribution I met good number of devotees from Chandigarh, I think there was a group of 7 to 10 devotees. Freed from Prasad distribution at around 3 Pm then for a short nap went to room and awake up at around quarter to 4 and headed to attend the Lecture by Kadamba Kanan Swami, let me tell u the lecture was too good,
I really enjoyed his lecture and it had finished at around 6:30 Pm ( the website of Kadamba Kanan Maharaj is, the site is full of Kirtana, Classes and Seminars u must visit that site) after the lecture, went to Temple Hall for attending the evening aati and stayed there till 9 Pm and then back to Ashram.
Due to some work in Delhi, only after attending the Arti I took the Bus at around 5 am from the Temple gate and this time again got the company of an Initiated devotee and fortunately he was from Spain and a disciple of Kdamba Kana, he was heading to Mayapur Dham and again we had a nice discussion and he had shared some of his experiences and he told me about Spain farm projects where people are living in Vedic way fulfilling their living needs by farming, it was all awesome.
I had given the Nitty-gritty of my trip to Vridavan, hope u like it.
Trying to be servant.....
Karan Das
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