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Name Mohini Murti
AKA Mohini
Birth 09/28/1990 (28 yrs old)
Gender Female
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To everyone on the bus tour and people I met along the way
 Type  Who
momrukmini-Ma i love you so so much
dadjaya saci -i don't really know u so i can't say anything
friendsasram girls-keep it up
sita raniti ti don't leave me I am missin u so much
nandai wish i could have some of your qualities you are such a nice person
uncle balaur so awsome thank u for everythin. I loved seein you this summer.
uncle carlosur so kool to I feel so comfrortable around you just like ur one of my buddies.
sachiyou will allways be in my heart no matter how much we fight.
laliI cant't wait to see my chica mas bonita
nimaiu will allways be El chico mas bonito
RamiI'm so glad I met u.You made gettin in trouble allright
GangaHangin out with u made me see how sweet of a guy u areand i'm so glad of it
RadhikaThank u for makin every moment of the bus tour a laugh
SitaU saved me everytime i was goin way over my head u would just knock me into pl
I had a blast this summer on the bustour.If any of u are thinkin of goin next year u should go.Any of the bus tour kulis or anybody I met feel free to write me I really want to hear from all of u.luv all u guys
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Hey!! - 09/28/2007 (Radhika Chandra)  
Hare Krishna!

I am Kalindi's sister Radhika Chandra,
u remember me right? we distributed Prabhupads books on Gaura-Punima!!
Well i saw it was your b-day, so Happy Brith Day!!!
Hope I am invited to your party!!! lol. I am in Alt so yeah I am not going to be able to come! :(
but I hope u have funn!! oh and how is your lil bro
doing? awww,hes sucha lil cutie!!
ps how old r u now?
justt wanted to sayy hellooo momo =P - 02/03/2007 ()  
heyy mohini
its anna from vancouver..
not sure if you remeber me.
lol but jstu wanted to sayy hey.
haha member when me you sita rani and
leela went to the starbucks and you walked
all the way there with no sheos n ppl was like
staring at us cause we were in sari's and we had to
finish the cappichinos before we got bcak so you guys wouldnt get into trouble =P
haha fun times =]
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