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Name GAKA govinda
Birth 12/07/1994 (24 yrs old)
Gender Female
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radha and me&
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~*dad*~mahasaumya dasa
*`*`my `*`* *`*`*`*friends*`*`*`*`
~`radha`~hey radha gangsta i cya lata
~`rachel`~richie richie richie
~`mahadev`~hey mdave well i just wanted 2 put u i dunno y well bye
~`yasoda (yoda)`~hey yoda srry i 4got 2 put u b4 so ya bye.
~`prema w.`~uhh well ur pretty cool lol
~`sita s.`~hey ur cool
TO THE POEPLE I 4GOT srry if i 4got 2 put u u no if ur my friend or not so tell me and i put u
hey i just changed my pic.
and also mahadev if u think its weird that i put u for friends i can delete it if u want


~*lOoK aT mY gUeStBoOk*~

hey something happened 2 the link 2 write in mah gb so if u want 2 write in it just go to the look thing and then there a write thing on there k?k
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Creation Date: 12/04/2005
Last Updated: 03/14/2006
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