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Name Tulasi Prema
AKA Tulasi Dasi
Birth 02/20/1979 (40 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Lake Huntington 1984 I'm the middle in the green sari .
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Step-FatherSteven / Sukhananda Puri
I attended Gurukula at Lake Huntington from 1984 until it was closed and Philadelphia in 1987. If you remember me please get in touch.
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Great pic. - 02/17/2007 (Evelyn Neubacher (Sweden))  
I don't know if you remember me, but thats me the one with the red glasses (Candravali). You are three years younger then I am so I guess we where not in the same asram, but it was my asram that moved to philadelphia later. Where we at some point in the same asram? Are you also on that picture?

I remember so well when that picture was taken. It was a hot summers day. And we where told over and over again " put your sari on your head and smile" it felt like it never ended. Nice to finally see the picture.
Haribol! - 02/24/2006 (Tulasi Prema)  
I have such vivid memories from gurukul, and there were so many people who shared those with me. I remember most everything about those years, except for some of the important details, like NAMES! I remember everyones faces, the sound of their voices and all the time we spent together and I hope to hear from everyone again!
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