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Name Tulasi manjari
AKA Jaana, Tulaska, manjaridevi
Birth 01/23/1982 (36 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contactsmsn
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..and he's arrived!!! .. my little fluffy cloud Nimai..
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I guess updating is not my strongest side:) well, since last time I have some BIG NEWS! in autumn we will have an addition to our family. yep yep, we're expecting a baby boy.. please please, blessings needed that everything would go nicely. can't wait to meet him :)

Radheee Syam!
27 may 2007

ok, bit more updating: summer is here, some months of summer vacation. yay! cant believe it, next summer same time I've already graduated. so maybe then I can just go to all places in the world I've always wanted to explore. that would be great, but until then.. summer here in estonia is super beautiful too:)

I created this profile to keep in touch with the vaishnava youth whom I already know, as well as the ones I will hopefully meet some day.
I have never been to gurukula, joined the temple when I was a teenager.
Update about what I've been up to: well, I'm going to university, studying can actually be fun (who would have thought;) ), and, well, all the rest of it..? if we have been keeping in touch, you already know
best wishes!!!!
luv, TM

**Keep your feet on the ground and your thoughts pointed toward Heaven.**
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babyyyy:) - 11/24/2007 (Tulasi manjari)  
his name is Nimai
Congratulations!!! - 10/11/2007 (Abhaya)  

Hes adorable :) such a sweet sleeping face. What have you desided to call him?

Congrads again and best of wishes for your family.

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