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Name Saradiya
AKA sara, D, diya, shudiya, brown eyed girl
Birth 10/30/1983 (35 yrs old)
Gender Female
Other Contactsmsn-
LocationAlachua, Florida
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Our Wedding - October 27th, 2007
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SistersKiki, Jayanti
BrothersJaya, Vishnu, Raj
I'm married!
Govinda and I got married on October 27th, 2007 here in Gainesville, FL at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens. I couldn't have asked for a better day. A little bit hectic in the beginning, at we started a little later than we should have, but we couldn't have asked for a more wonderful day. To all of our friends and family that came, especially those that flew or drove in from out of town, THANK YOU! It would not have been the same without you!

I will be updating the pictures on the profile with different wedding pictures. You can also visit my myspace page: to see more pics from the wedding and honeymoon!

Love you all!

To all my friends out there - Hope everything is going well. Miss you. All my love!

Absolutely love this poem. Read on:

What would eyes be if they couldn't see
a voice be if it couldn't sing?
What would a smile be without some love?
What joy would the smile bring?
What would a painter do without his paintbrush?
A warrior without his sword?
What would a lover do without his passion?
The followers without their Lord?
What good would words do without their meanings?
Sadness without tears?
What would a garden do without its flowers?
A risk without its fears?
What would I do without you beside me?
Your presence and other things.
How would I survive without your arms to guide me?
I'd be an angel without wings.

Govinda - thanks for everything. =o)
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