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Name Nisha
AKA Nish
Birth 07/15/1994 (24 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationSan Diego, CA, USA
39KB, K:\Mexico Cruise Trip 2004 Others\04-09-05\IMG_0432.jpg, image/pjpeg

My mom and me!!
 Type  Who
MomThe best mom a child could ever wish for! She is very nice.
DadThe best dad a child could ever wish for! He is kind and sweet!
BrotherHe's nice and funny!
GrandmaShe is very nice and loves me a lot!
GrandpaHe is very nice to me and loves me very much!
Hare Krishna!
If you are my age group and want to chat with me then sent me a cool e-mail!! I'm looking for e-mail chat buddies! What's hapenning in your life??
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Creation Date: 02/01/2006
Last Updated: 02/01/2006
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