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Name Radha Madhava dasa
AKA Radha
Birth 11/11/1979 (39 yrs old)
Gender Male
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icq: 10410325
skype: radhamadhava.rns
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Locationmigrant worker

Home base is:
4800 Laguna Rd.
College Park, MD 20740
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me and Nandu as Hanuman and Lord Sri Rama
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DadAkhilananda das
Big Bro' & FamilyMrkanda das and Radhika d.d. and Madhuri d.d. & Vrindavani d.d.
Big sis & FamilyJvalamuki d.d. and Mahakirti das & Abhimanyu Suta das & Nityananda Rama das!!
Lil sis & BFKrsnaa d.d. and Radha Kunda (Alachua)
MumMrgaksi d.d.
GurudevaH.H. Radhanatha Swami Maharaja (aspiring, plz pray for me)
Haribol Dear Respected Pradudeji's,

Been a while since an update, and I'm not sure if there's anything definate to report yet...

But the show must go on!

I've just returned from a 5 month stay in Chowpatty (Mumbai) India living in the famous Simple Temple with thousands of super humble, intense, and sincere devotees. Every day was a festival in the place which I grew to know as the "Spiritual Wonderland"

Although living with such exhalted devotees is undoubtedly blissful, I found myself in a daily struggle of purification from my many long lifetimes of sinful activities. I'm still learning to appreciate the process, but somehow or other I know that Guru and Krsna are guiding me and making me stronger, so that I can better serve all of you. That was my goal in going there, and if I can somehow serve to please any of the wonderful devotees, then my life is a success.

I'm not sure where I'm going, or what I'm doing, but somehow or other I keep getting truckloads of causeless mercy dumped on my head, so I must be going in the right direction. (:

I'll be traveling around the world until I find my "mission" in life.. so that may take a while. Until then, See u at Kulimela!
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Last Updated: 03/01/2006
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