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Name Ganga Das Pandit Das
AKA Ganga, GDPDVDB, Gunja, Sirgangalot, etc.
Birth 08/16/1989 (29 yrs old)
Gender Male
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LocationAlachua, Fl
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Joakim Noah celebrating Florida's win.
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V for VendettaWas an awesome movie.
NitaiHas no game :P
ChayDoes (although I'm still better-of course).
HemiHey hows England? Happy bday : )
Everyone elseThere's likely more to be added but for now this will have to do.
Haribol, some of you probably know me and many might not. I haven't always felt inclined towards creating a gurukuli profile as it seems to be an obsession to some. However I decided to create a profile and control the urge to update it daily.

Sooo, well I guess I should say something about myself. I was born in Seattle, Washington and although raised mostly here in Alachua I really miss Seattle sometimes. The pacific northwest is just a totally different area. Anyways I've been in and out of various gurukula's including the VAB and Mother Urmila's. Right now I'm going to Santa Fe High School and trying to be motivated and enjoy myself. I run track (open 800 M. and 4 x 8) and work to get good grades n all that. Currently I'm just being lazy enjoying my spring break, although what I should be doing is preparing for my AP and SAT tests in May. If you feel so inclined you may email me at my above email.

Oh and this summer I'm definatly going on the Bus Tour. However if I can work it in I'll try to stay loyal and also be with the summer trip.

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Creation Date: 04/05/2006
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