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Name Radhapriya S.
AKA rad, r.p., radical, radha, priya, wawa, wawawiya...
Birth 08/06/1991 (27 yrs old)
Gender Female
aim: PunkrockrCA19 (lol, its old)
LocationRippaside (Riverside), CA
28KB, C:\Documents and Settings\rcc\My Documents\My Pictures\rad\CIMG2339.jpg, image/pjpeg

♥ gita, sabri, n me ( i look like crap! they look perfect lol) ♥
 Type  Who
mommySamita Devi
daddy dancerBhakta Avatar Dasa, a.k.a. spinner
big broVrndavana Das, also known as vishnu
best sista evagitanjali,a.k.a. gita wita
i am soo grateful for my sister, gita, and everything she does.
i miss u soo much mommy :(
daddy, ur so elevated and i admire that about you. p.s. im sorry im such a trouble-maker =D
i miss u vrndavan n i L♥V u
i am completely grateful for my friends...sooo much...i love you guys

i miss u soo much radharani!!!

come back quick sabri! have fun in india.

oh and cant forget sudarshan ♥

my real family: the devotees...Srila Gurudeva, Lokanath Swami Maharaj, i miss you very much and i cant wait until i see you again...Girriraja Swami Maharaj, my first inspiration; i am so thankful.

hey my future sister-in-law! sitarani =D im so happy ♥
wat up sis? sumukhi devi dasi now known as suryamuki sundari and future mrs.govinda adhikari haha =D (congrats!!congrats!!!)
what up bro? tulasiananda aka tutti, govinda dasa
the coolest sister combos: sitarani & laxmi, sheela & himali & not 2 mention mohini... sisters rule!!!!!
whom im happy to meet: radha n gouralila n laxmi- also cool sisters
la bugs: radha, gouralila, mudurya lila, tulsi, kunti, radhika, gopi priya, gaura, vishnu priya, krsna shakti
la butts: sudarshan, sabri, yoga, markendaya, bala, vidu, gaura shakti, krishna shakti, shama, mukunda- yall just keep skatin,aight:)

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hey hey hey - 04/25/2008 (Sabri)  
hey what happenend?!?!?1?!
tell me all about it lol
alots happening to me too, i almost beat up this hotel bastard guy who was pissing me off in this city called kanya kumari
how are you?!?! and im coming back in my first vacation, but idk when that is. maybe december
tell me whats going on with ur life!! i love u sis!!!!
haahahahha SHAN - 04/11/2008 (Sabri)  
i lvoe shan!! and i love u 2!!! i hope he's not playing u(again)

and what do u mean laksmi's got a point?!?!!?!?
how dare u!?!?! lol i can to find some! and its way chaper here.

i miss talking to u too!!! i like making u laugh!
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