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Name Radha Kunda "NYC"
AKA Radha , Plimo ,Radio Kunda lol
Birth 02/24/1985 (34 yrs old)
Gender Male
Other Contacts
cell #202 412 5475
Location New York City ,NY ,USA
28KB, C:\Documents and Settings\Radha Ugo\My Documents\My Pictures\2005-11 (Nov)\radha.jpg, image/pjpeg

Happy and Tired
 Type  Who
FatherVasudeva Parayana d
MotherCandra mukhi dd
BrothersSyama kunda and Alvars
SistersMaha Laksmi
SistersLalita kunda
SistersSita kunda
FriendArjuna (Plimo)
FriendMadhvacarya (Mud)
FriendRamananda roy (ram)
FriendBaladev ( bala)
FriendRaghunath (Guni)
LoquitaKrsnaa fitch
CousinsKalindi - Madhavi - Narayana
GrandfatherSrila Prabhupada......thank you so much!!
Bolo!! Bolo!! From NYC to all my Friends around the Globe.

Been here for like a year and a half living the crazy fast NYC pace of life. At times it's nice other's hard but in general it's good for the experience and the adventure. I been working and paying the bills and not doing much else but there's always fun stuff to do in the city and off course the wonderful devotees and kulis from NYC keep me up and going.

Was in Kuli mela last month and enjoyed seeing all my friends and meeting new people and also all the seminars and performances by the gurukulis it was a blast a great brake from NYC so I thank to all the devotees who made it possible.

For those of you who don't know me and are just checking me out here's a little something about me and my background

My name is Radha Kunda, my friends call me Radha I went to Peru gurukul for 8 years then spent some time traveling with my family. Later we moved to Uruguay in hopes to improve my father's health problems, eight months after we moved Krishna happened to pass by my house to take my father Home. It took me a while to forgive Krishna for taking Him.
Then my life changed after a mysterious dream so I decided to pack and meet the outside world to face the demons in my heart. I crossed the river and joined a group of Brahmacarys in Argentina and started traveling around the world with them doing book distribution and preaching for couple of years. After those two years I was pretty tired and ready to take on the next level so I moved to Gainesville and helped out at the PC for few months and later relocated to Alachua. I was there for two years and I got the chance to see some of my old friends from gurukul and later met lots of amazing new people. Lived in DC for a wile and met some grate devotes there and made new friends and now Im in NYC and been here for couple of years.

Hope some day my life experiences help me to help other's so they don't have to go trough some of the things I did.

Thank you for taking time to read about me and please don't doubt in writing or adding me on your MSN its all cool in just out here to meet people and see friends so please write some time.

May Krishna bless your day.



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