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Name Gitanjali
AKA gita, pet peeve
Birth 01/06/1990 (28 yrs old)
Gender Female
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LocationRiverside, CA
35KB, PICT0140.JPG, image/jpeg

sumuhki, sitarani ,sneha, me, wawa, govinda and tutttie in Laguna
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MommySamita Devi
DaddyBhakta Avatar
mrdanga tycoonVrndavana
bab sisterRadha Priya
nicest ppl ever!!!everyone:)
hare krsna!

Shout outs:
wawa aka nutcase- dude ur right next to me
my other bestest friend- i wish i could do kirtan as well as u my brajabasi bro
i wanna go to india:(
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OMFG!!! - 03/28/2008 (Radhapriya S.)  
i cant believe u still have this picture up!!!! i look like the biggest lozer in the world! lol those were good dayz tho :) love u ♥
hari hari... - 03/21/2007 (yashoda sakhi)  
hare krsna...gitanjali.. i am yashoda sakhi.. from mumbai...juhu (india)...

i was just giong through the profile.. and got to see sneha there.. whn sneha was n india.. i had spend some good time with her... can u please revert back with her i hve lost all contacts wid her... well you have pretty

thank you... take care...

radhe radhe...
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