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Name Champakalata
AKA Champi
Birth 12/05/1992 (25 yrs old)
Gender Female
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Neopets (OMG SHE GOES ON NEOPETS!! jees..)- Shadowchild139

gaiaonline- ~Twilight - Dreams~
LocationOrlando, Florida, USA
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me ^^
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SisterLalita (she is evil i tell u, EVIL!!!)
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hi, my name is Champakalata, PLEASE just call me Champi, or Kristal, i like that better^^ im 14, i love horses and realy, i meen REALY, want to get one!! i also like to draw, alot... i mainly draw anime (u no that japanese style of drawing) but i do draw reality.. sometimes... i dont hav any pets, but i did.. sadly one died the day after i got him.. or her.. (we never found out, it was a rabbit) and the bird had to be sent off to an aviary 'cus we moved too much and if we didnt send him there he would hav gone insame... well even more than he already was..

ok, i dont only draw anime, but i watch it too, my fav shows are Naruto, FMA (full metal alchamist) Zach Bell, Yu-Gi-Oh (ya, i no, ironic huh?) and i miss it soooo much, Sailor moon, DNAngel, and Fruites Basket. My 2 favs are Naruto and FMA, they rok! fav characters: Gaara, Kabuto, Itachi, Sasuke, Kakashi, Nenji, Kiba, Shikamaru, Kimimaru, Tenten, Temari, Kankaru, Naruto, Edward, Roy Mustang, Dark, and Crad.

Video games would b, so far, and only for playstation, spyro (bite me -.-) Tony hawk, pro scater (I NO!! .. im weired...) Final Fantacy (all of them!!) Road Rash, Kingdome Hearts (I and II) Rayman, and Naruto: Ultimate Ninja (although i curently SUK at it) Kingdome hearts and Final Fantacy are the best, graphics story line characters and fighting system, characters: Roxas, Sora, Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, Pain, Aren, Sepharoth, Cloud, most of Organization 13, Lulu, and many more.


well this is getting long... so ya... ill leav u to peace, and if u did thake the time to read this, wow.. that amazin O.O lol and thanks.

ps- Any one know if html works on here??
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radhe radhe.. - 10/01/2007 (Kalindi Yamuna)  
yeah... so mmaybe come on here like every 2 months.. whatcha think?
Haribol - 07/11/2007 (Nimai Sundarananda Das)  
Hare!KRISHNA! How u doing? I jus read ur hole profile and wat u said reminded me of my sister.... So how is playstation 3? Ha ha so much spirituality lol
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