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Name LILA - Back with Krsna (video links) - kunal
Birth 05/16/1986 (32 yrs old)
Gender Male
LocationISKCON Juhu, Bombay
currently in vrindavan
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kripaya tava pada-pankaja-sthita-dhuli-sadrisham vichintaya
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6th feb 08

i took some videos and photos of the cremation ceremony, it was truly glorious. watch and fwd to everyone.

I have uploaded photographs on to view them got the website and search for - oneknoteight . it will show no results, but give an options saying - do you want to view username oneknoteight's album. click on that an you will be directed to my album. on the left will be name of album - ananda lila. pics are there.

for videos paste this link in a new tab or a new window -

1. lilapila -
2. sillylily -
3. lilarani -

Jai Jai Shree Radhe !!!

5th feb 08

Hare Krsna,

I have some really good news about our dearmost lila. Today morning at 2:15 am, lila returned to Krsna, surrounded by her family, loved ones, friends and well wishers, amidst an estatic kirtana, lila passed on to the spritual realm under the shelter of Sri Gaur Nitai, Sri Krsna Balaram, Sri RadhaShyamsunder, Sri Nrsimhadev, Sri jagannath Baladev Subhadra and Srila Prabhupada.

Ever since she returned to vrindavan from the hospital she has looked beautiful and very blissful. Everything about her was very calm. Subhangi Mataji and Jamal Prabhu are so strong it's amazing. Madhu, Bhisi and Maharani are great too. The whole time instead of being consoled and comforted, they were consoling everybody else.

if we are all able to cope with it, its becoz of them. they are the source of our strength. Everyone is so happy for lila. She left her body just like a great devotee. To leave the body in vrindavan, amongst loving family, friends and devotees doing beautiful kirtana, is such a merciful benediction bestowed only to a few people.

I must also mention Priya Sakhi mataji who has bin like a rock and taken are of the whole situation so nicely. she's bin really steady and she's our hero. Maitee mataji, priyanka and her father, the kulis (doin akhanda kirtana)and others (i'm sorry, i really don know all the names), have bin gr8 and made it easy for lila.

please excuse me for i'm just typin hurriedly, still unale to come to terms with the fact that lila isn't there in her physical self. but we'r all happy that she's happy and where she should be.

radhe radhe!!

Bol Banke Bhiharilal Ki !!!

Jai Sri RadhaVallabhaji Ki !!!

Jai Sri RadhaRamanji Ki !!!

Jai Radhe Jai Krsna Jai Vrindavan !!!

Srila Prabhupada ki Jai, Ananta Koti Vaisnavavrinda Ki Jai !!!

(i'll try to keep updating)


4th feb 08

Hare Krsna,

Most of you may know that lila is in a very very critical condition. For those who don't know she was shot at three times in her mouth at 2 am on 1st feb. She is in vrindavan currently.

Many of you would want to be with her at this time, but due to some reason or the other may not be able to do so. So if you want to say something to her then please email me in text. Madhu, her brother would read it out to her and we're sure she's listening.

Also if you want to send an audio recording of what you want to say or some kirtana or prayers for her well being, please email me. We shall play this recording to her. You can also upload it on or another website from where i may be able to download it easily. But please remember to send the link and name of recording. You can also upload video's and although she is unconcious, we would play her the video.

She's a really strong girl. Radharani and Krsna are really merciful. we're all praying here for her. To all her friends, along with Krsna's mercy, she needs your prayers to make it through.

in your service,

P.S.- try to send files of lesser size, you can do that by reducing the quality of the audio and video, yet keeping the quality of certain level. since if its a large file upload and download will take longer. I have a gmail account - " ". You can send all mails here. This is also my youtube address.



a sincere request to all the devotess to please forgive my shrtcomings an give me thier mercy although i am most unqualified for it...

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Thank you for the wonderful glories of Pursottama Masa:) May this month be a blessing for growing Krsna Consciousness!
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Dear Kunal!

All glories to Advaita Acarya!

He brough Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu to Earth and by his blessings he can manifest the Lord within our hearts.

Please continue writing the nectar - for this is the only thing we need.

Hare Krishna
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