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Name Shivendra>>> yogiraj(vivek) "me "
AKA vivek sharma
Birth 01/06/1982 (36 yrs old)
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and u can find me in hi5 , bebo , krishnafrds, yahoo 360 , myspace etc.,
actully i m evry where but no where
Locationujjain (m.p)and any where in m.p
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cool place
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momprema devi, i love u mom
dadnitya nand, i love u too
frdsvivek, shailesh, jalaj, deva, manish, rinku,bablu,atul,....i luv all of u......
gfhahahha, i hav not, but my frds hav alot...hahahah
God jai shree krishna,,,, one day , i will meet u

" shri krishna govinda hare murari
hey nath narayan vasudeva "

It is Sunday and I’m thinking about God, and the idea of God. It is an idea I think about almost every day, as I am writing a story in which the Catholic Church plays a major role. I chose the Catholic Church to avoid the biases I carry about my own childhood religion—Mormonism—which is still dangerous emotional ground for me. I am afraid if I allow Mormonism into my story I may lose sight of my story. My story may become about Mormonism.

Now I'm learning all I can about Catholicism. My research includes attending mass with a Catholic friend as my guide. My friend is a talented writer and gifted photographer, and is very sympathetic to the premise of my story. She has introduced me to her 93-year-old grandmother, one of the most delightful people I've had the pleasure of meeting and who makes an excellent cup of Mexican chocolate. She is also someone who lives her faith with great humility, like no one I've known since my own grandmother passed away (who was, by the way, neither Mormon nor Catholic.)

During mass this morning, at midtown Sacramento’s 98-year-old St. Francis Church, I heard the most beautiful hymn I’ve ever heard sung. A local woman, who was never introduced by name, and who never took a bow nor received applause, sang in what I can legitimately describe as an inspired voice: A voice that got me thinking about Rilke’s angel, and Lorca’s duende; a voice that got me thinking about mystical, magical, and spiritual influences in art. I knew my afternoon would be spent rummaging around in my bookshelves.


hare ram hare ram , ram ram hare hare ,
hare krishna, hare krishna, krishna krishna hare hare

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hari bol - 02/25/2009 (Radhika Dasi)  
There is nothing wrong with making money for Krsna and your family and sharing business ideas with other gurukulis and friends. It's more worse to keep those ideas to yourself and not share with anyone. I am proud of what I am doing and thank Krsna every day for the opportunity He gave to me. And by the way, besides work, I also chant my rounds, sing bhajans and worship the Deities as much as I can. But thanks for your advice anyways. Take care.
hari hari - 11/30/2006 (Karttikeya © कर्ट्टिकí)  
i love that pix of shiva...
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