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Name bh Govinda das Peru
AKA govinda/narasimha bhakta/devoto de RAM
Birth 12/08/1984 (34 yrs old)
Gender Male
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LocationIskcon Berlin
Kulimela Radhadesh
Simhachalam germany
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ecstatic Raindance RY Berlin 2007
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MaSucitra devi dasi
BrothersGauranga & Gokula
Ishta devasJaganath
Lord Ram
Krishna Balaram
Bhakti vigna vinasana Nrisimhadeva Bhagavan
Friends All the samkirtan crue from Germany
All the Kulis from Peru
specially The kundas...
And Caitanya and his Family
InspirationIndradyumna Swami
Kadamba Kanana Maharaj
Sacinandana Swami
PadreJesus Mendoza Ponce
Haribolo from berlin

See you on the Kulimela. Just a week after kuli mela there is Ratha Yatra in Berlin and you are all invited!!

Finaly I finished my 9 months Zivilservice!!
Now Im free!

Every year for caturdasi and new year many devotees of lord Narasimha pilgrim to SIMHACALAM in germany south east in the bavarian forest! This are ecstatic and unique festivals.I will be puting some pics in the next time.
All glories to Sri Sri Prahlad Narasimhadeva!!!!!

I live in the transcendental parterre chota sankirtan Jaganath Mandira bramachari yatra.

this all sounds big but we are just a small tempel in a cellar in Berlins hip neibourhood. Even the tempelroom is only 5m * 8m; and the altar for their huge Lodships (Jaganath Baladeva and Lady subhadra)takes 25% of the tempelroom!!
I`m there since the Bhakta Programme 2004


We are 7 brahmacaris and are most of the time on the sreets of Germany, Austria and Iceland spreding the holy Names around!

RY Berlin Ki jay!!!!

""In the Summer 06 we performed at a great City- Festival in Cottbus near Berlin. Thausands of people passed by the Jurt and Stage we had. We had Bhajans a Goa DJ who mixed Prabhupadas chantig with Electronic techno music and atracted hundreds we also performed Bhajans with fireartists who loved our music and the Prasad. On the main day we perfomed a Play from H.H. Bhaktimarg Swami on the Gita!! It was just great!""

"""In ICELAND there was only one Devotee but there were abot 9000 books, so we went there distributed books for two weeks organized a traditional love feast and now there is a small Indian fam. plus a Icelandic Family and quite some Icelanders who like Krishna and are meeting. It was really pioneering and was really ecstatic"""

Before that I was at Simhacalam (the only narasimha tempel in europe) look and before that in The gurukul in Chosica Peru. I`ve not been there for the last 9 years and wish to soon meet all the great gurukulis.

A lot of fun from Berlin yours Bh Govinda das
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