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Name Gaurasundara
AKA Sebastien Cormier,Sebastiano,gaura
Birth 02/10/1983 (35 yrs old)
Gender Male
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LocationBurnaby BC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i rule the world!
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PitaAmala Purana Dasa
Sister (older)Raman Reti Devi Dasi
Sister (younger)Rasa Manjari Devi Dasi
MataKrsna Kanta Devi dasi
friendsthe whole vancouver crew=P and the 2001 Mayapur kuli grads
Welcome to my updated profile.It formerly described me as someone with a blond sikha and blue eyes.I still have the same eyes but I havn't had a sikha in years.I keep my hair fairly short though.I was born in Montreal raised mostly in Vancouver B.C. ,attended Florida and Mayapur Gurukulas.At this time in my life I am quite obsessed with the art of Flamenco Guitar and currently reside in a local flamenco dance studio ( I can frequently play for dance classes.My mother left her body several years ago and I had wrote this poem shortly afterwards.A few people have emailed me just to comment on it.It apparently brought tears to the eyes of my brother-in-law's foster-father.
Here it is:

In Loving Memory of Krsna Kanta

My dearest mother whose death caused my strife
Krsna Kanta is the love of my life.
I can view a photo of her smiling face
But will never more feel her warm embrace.
I can hear her voice on tape resound
But I can't say I love you to intangible sound.
She tolerated and forgave so much from me
But nonetheless loved me unconditionally.
She did so much for me and I feel so guilty
All she wanted in return is that I be a devotee.
Krsna Consciousness was her life and soul
And preaching its glories was her ultimate goal.
With her undying enthusiastic ambition
She lived to serve Srila Prabhupada's mission.
My mother, Krsna Kanta Devi Dasi
Is now with Krsna for eternity.

By Gaurasundara Das

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Creation Date: 03/04/2007
Last Updated: 03/04/2007
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