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Name Bhima108
AKA Bimi, Bimbuci, kisfox etc.
Birth 02/21/1989 (30 yrs old)
Gender Male
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skype: kisfox
LocationBudapest, Hungary
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wassup dudes
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dadHaripada das
momBhakti Chandrika dasi
friendsall vrindavan kulis : 1995-97, mayapur kulis: 97-2001, anyone else who knows me
aspiring toHis Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupad, iskcon's only diksha guru
studying physics in university.

Favorite is theoretical phyiscs, group theory, and its representation theory, field theory, algebraic topology, multilinear algebra, functional analysis and other fields

So usually when you think of "mass" how would you define it?
Its a property of a body, because of which it umm, well it doesnt fly away, when you touch it, cause it gets attracted to the centre of gravity...
Well this is not a nice definition..., its not even a definition. Here is what you should say, when someone asks, you the question:"What is mass?"
answer: Mass is the infinitesimal generator of the Poincare group.

Here is a conversation that I had with an intelligent alien coming from mars (hahaha) .
The transcript of the conversation is below, I transcribed the aliens language as english:

Alien: So I have been reading your earth books on physics and mathematics.

Me: And did you like them?

Alien: Hmm. well, they were interesting but I couldnt understand it fully..

Me: What?? YOU couldnt understand it? but your species already developed all of these theories thousands of years before us!

Alien: Yes. That is the problem. We developed it much before all of you, therefore by now we dont need any insight, and we dont have any! That is we cant imagine, something falling down, or accelerating. Nothing. We can only think in abstract mathematical formulas by now!

Me: Wow. Now that is interesting. Maybe in a few thousand years we will be like that too. Who doesnt know maths, cant live! So back to your original question. What didnt you understand from our books?

Alien: So there is this quantity you use, called velocity. You define it, by something called the first derivative, of a space-time function, with respect to time. What do you mean by this?

Me: you dont know the derivative of a function? On earth you cant study any physics without knowing that. All it means is..(definition of derivative).

Alien: Yes, thats it. What is that operator which substracts?

Me: Oh my God! you cant substract? hmm. then lets try a different approach. You said that you were good in abstract mathematics. Then are you Familiar with Group theory?

Alien: Yes of course. We learn that in 1st grade of primary school.

Me: Wow. Ok then, have you heard of the Galilei Group?

Alien: Yes, yes.

Me: So velocity is the canonical parameter of the Galilei Group.

Alien: Huh? Thats the quantity we call velorus. Ok then I understand now. There is one more thing that I see a lot. You call it as angle in your books, and put wierd diagrams next to it. What is that?

Me: Ok. Since we discussed that you are familiar with Group theory, I will tell you the definition directly. Its quite similar to the definition of velocity.

Alien: ok go on.

Me: So, the angle is the canonical parameter of the one-parameter compact Lie-group.

Alien: Ah ok. I get it. We learnt that in 4th grade in a subject called geokleidus. Those are the only questions I hade for now. Then See you somewhere in spacetime.

Me: Ok it was a pleasure to help you. I will catch the next wormhole to mars. lol

So this is what earth will be like in a few thousand years. Start preparing now and learn group theory. its very interesting.:D

I also have been doing martial arts for about 6 years mainly Kung-fu, now I do kettlebell.

like to play computer games, watch movies, cartoons.

If anyone wants to talk please write to me. And if someone turns up in Hungary also write, and I can show you around.:D

All glories to Srila Prabhupada!
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